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Off-campus housing

Looking for an off-campus apartment

If you need to look for an off-campus apartment in Rehovot, bear in mind that the number of rooms listed includes the living room;  that is, a three room apartment means a living room and two bedrooms. Most landlords require a minimum commitment of 12 months.  Most contracts will require a security deposit in case of damage to the apartment by the tenant.

For International students and postdocs, please contact the Internationa Office ( to gain access to an up-to-date list of apartments submitted by landlords, and other tenants looking for replacements. The office will assist you to locate and rent an off campus apartment and there is no charge for this service which we provide ONLY to International Scholars.

Another way to find an apartment  is by searching the following websites (you can translate using Google translate):


There are also Facebook groups - see below:


Choosing an off-campus apartment

You should pay attention to a number of factors before choosing an apartment:

  1. Proximity of the apartment to the Weizmann Institute - Is it within walking/bicycling distance or is public transportation required?
  2. Apartment size and its suitability for the number of people that will be living there. If you are coming with a family and children, consider the amount of time that they will be spending at home and make ​​sure that the apartment is adequate.
  3. What is the condition of the apartment? Is it furnished? If yes - what condition is the furniture in, particularly the condition of the electrical appliances (refrigerator /stove/oven) and the air-conditioning?  We recommend that you take pictures of any damage and add it into your contract so that you are not blamed when you leave.
  4. Who are the neighbors? Walk by the place in the evening/at night and check out what the situation is (whether it's quiet / noisy, etc.).
  5. In apartment buildings, it is customary to collect building committee fees for cleaning and maintenance, electricity, elevator, etc. Please note the monthly payment, as most of it is paid by the tenant, is in addition to the monthly rent.

Signing the lease

There are a number of areas to pay attention to when signing the lease.

We recommend that you consult with an attorney to examine the lease before signing.  It is very important that you read the contract in detail, and pay attention particularly to the following topics:

  1. What are the conditions for continuing the lease for another year? It is important to know whether and by how much the rent will be raised.
  2. Make sure the lease includes the utilities that are paid by the landlord.
  3. A detailed inventory should be made of the furniture and other items, noting their condition.  Any damage should be mentioned in the lease and signed by both parties.
  4. The lease should include a clause pertaining to leaving the apartment before its termination.  
  5. Make sure you understand what your obligations are at the termination of the lease when you leave the apartment (for instance, whether you obligated to paint the apartment, etc.).
  6. Check if you are required to give a promissory note (deposit).

Moving into Your rental apartment

When you move into the apartment it is important to write down, together with the landlord, the figures on the electric meter and the water meter. If you need additional services (cable, telephone lines, Internet, etc.) contact the following companies and select the appropriate services for you. Please note that there is great competition in the telecommunications market and price differences between companies. Our relocation consultant will be happy to assist you in this task.