Division structure

Construction and Engineering |Division Head - Dan Slonim

Dan Slonim , Division Head

  • Maintenance and renovation of buildings, laboratories, offices, systems rooms, residences, and dormitories
  • Renovation of roads, pavements, and parking lots
  • Management, supervision, and execution of development and construction projects
  • Management, planning, and control of the Division's budget – overall budget, departmental budgets, and development budget
  • Overseeing and coordinating and contracts with external vendors and construction-related tenders
  • Examination of contractor bills, bank guarantees, and approval of bills
  • Architectural planning for projects
  • Formulation and establishment of a master plan for the Institute
  • Promoting Institute planning and construction activities vis-à-vis authorities, professional committees, and other external bodies
  • Management of the GIS system and the construction archive, coordination and management of the campus's geographic and engineering documentation
  • Management and control of mega projects
  • Following and overseeing execution to delivery
  • Responsibility for the supply of cold / hot water, drinking water, irrigation water, treated water, compressed air, steam, electric power, and high-voltage electricity
  • Design, staffing, and operation of energy supply centers and energy control systems
  • Renovation and maintenance of water and sewage lines infrastructure
  • Upgrading, maintenance, and tending to central air conditioning systems
  • Upgrading and maintenance of high voltage power stations and emergency generators