Aqua Materials

Can materials employing water as a major component be strong, and, at the same time, adaptive? As strong as polymeric materials but much more stimuli-responsive? Such concept of environmentally friendly “aqua materials” (or “aqua plastics”) is an enticing one. Remarkably, water is an active and dominant ingredient – it can impose very strong noncovalent interactions. But creating real-world functional materials that are robust, adaptive, nanostructured, and made mostly of water? Sounds futuristic? In our lab, we aim to construct such materials. For example, recently we have made a tough “aqua” membrane that efficiently purifies water from heavy metals and organic molecules, while sustaining high pressures. This proves a point that an aqua material can fit a real-world demanding industrial application. Despite being robust, the membrane can be easily disassembled (owing to its noncovalent nature) for cleaning and recycling, important for advancing the idea of sustainable materials.


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