Crystallization Mechanisms Study by Electron Microscopy

How does order form?  Organic crystal nucleation and growth are complex self-assembly processes that often do not fit into the framework of existing crystallization theories. We investigate these processes using advanced electron microscopy techniques in combination with diffraction methods and plethora of spectroscopic techniques.

We approach the question by trying to probe the transformation from amorphous aggregates into crystalline matter . In addition to employing traditional EM methods, we enhance our capabilities to answer our research questions by developing new methodologies, such as low dose focal series reconstruction and novel electron diffraction methods.

Our sub-molecular insights enable elucidating complex pathways of organic crystallization. The latter involves a series of coordinated supramolecular transformations at multiple scales. This new understanding provides a long-sought insight into order evolution in organic matter.


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Exit plane wave function phase image of a new CuPc polymorph, solved by LD-FSR TEM and DFT calculations.


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Crystal nucleation and growth of Ibuprofen and Etoricoxib


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