Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Institute shall consist of all of the full professors and the associate professors of the Institute as well as such number of representatives of other academic ranks and representatives of the student body, as determined by the Scientific Council. The representatives will be decided upon by the relevant academic ranks and student body.
The functions of the Scientific Council shall be:

  • To consider and approve recommendations of the Feinberg Graduate School for the awards of M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees;
  • To deliberate, consider and recommend policies regarding, and to advise the President, the International Board and the Executive Board, on any matters relating to research and teaching;
  • To make recommendations to the President on promotions and appointments of scientific personnel members to all grades other than ranks that require the recommendations of the Council of Professors;

Recommendations initiated for the conferment of the title of Ph.D. Honoris Causa shall be submitted to either the Scientific Council or to the Honors Committee for their recommendation. The Scientific Council shall also review the recommendations of the Honors Committee and vice versa, for the conferment of the title of Ph.D. Honoris Causa. Recommendations, as aforesaid, made by both the Honors Committee and the Scientific Council shall be presented by the Honors Committee to the Executive Board for its approval.

Code of Ethics

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