Weston, Michael, Meyerhoff, Varon, Belkin - Visiting Professorship - Application Form

Application Form

ACADEMIC YEAR 2025 - 2026 (OCTOBER 2025 - SEPTEMBER 2026)

Please print this form and complete it by hand.  Alternatively, open and complete the Word application form.

Family Name _______________________ Given Name ________________Middle Initial ____________

Passport number (or ID number if Israeli citizen) _____________________________________________

Rank _________________________ . If not Full Professor, Please specify ________________________

Present Place of Employment ___________________________________________________________

Address of Present Place of Employment __________________________________________________

Fax Number _________________________ E-mail Address __________________________________

Home Page ________________________________________________________________________

Citizenship: Israeli/non Israeli (erase and complete as relevant)__________________________________

Date and Place of Birth ________________________________________________________________

Marital Status ____________________ Number of Children (who will accompany you) ______________  

Proposed Field of Research ____________________________________________________________


Approximate duration of proposed visit ____________ months from _____________ , ______________  

                                                                                                                         months                          year

Have you in the past been awarded a Weizmann Visiting Professorship? __________. If yes - Please specify:

Name of Visiting Professorship ________________________________________ Period/s of the Visiting

Professorship _______________________________________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________ Date __________________________________

Please attach:

  • your curriculum vitae
  • a list of your publications
  • a brief statement of your proposed research (1-2 pages)
  • your photograph
  • letter of invitation from your prospective host at the Weizmann Institute

Endorsement (by signature herein) of request by:

  • Head of proposed hosting department: 1
  • Dean of proposed hosting Faculty: 2

1,2 In place of a signature, you may attach an e-mail affirming endorsement of this application from the above-mentioned.
Please submit the completed application by e-mail to visiting.proposal@weizmann.ac.il

All Applications Must Be Received annually No Later Than December 31