QMT Lab facilities

Oxford Instruments Kelvinox 16 mK cryostat with 20 T magnet and sample rotator

At work
16 mK fridge
Rotator with a sample




Bluefors LD400 10 mK cryostat with 3D 9/1/1 T vector magnet

At work


Wet chemistry room with 1000x optical microscopy stations

VdW materials exfoliation bench and microscopy stations
Chemical hood


Shared facilities

Van der Waals materials stacking lab

Transfer room
Station 1
Station 2


The Braun Center for Submicron Research clean room

Room 1: chemistry benches, profilometer, Raman spectrometer, UV mask aligner
Room 2: chemistry benches, laser lithography


MBRAUN glovebox with van der Waals materials stacking station

The glovebox
The glovebox
The stacking station
The transfer station