Impact Report

Resilience and renewal

As we reflect on the achievements and challenges of 2023, we derive strength from the promise of science and the unwavering support of our Weizmann friends across the globe. We are pleased to share highlights from our scientific accomplishments over the past year, alongside vivid portraits of a research community coming together to rebuild, strengthen, and inspire the wider Israeli society following the devastating attacks of October 7.

From the President

Greetings from
Weizmann President
Prof. Alon Chen

From the President

Greetings from
Weizmann President
Prof. Alon Chen

Y e a r   a t   a   g l a n c e

Year at a glance

The Weizmann Institute continues to stand at the vanguard of the global science arena — securing top international awards and publishing influential academic papers. The below achievements reflect the 2023 calendar year.

ERC success rate for mid-career grants
More than 4x the average success rate for the European Research Council
ISF success rate for individual research grants
The Israel Science Foundation is the main body supporting basic research in Israel
On the prestigious Leiden Ranking
Reflecting global leadership in research quality and impact
Academic studies published
Cited more than 3,175 times in peer-reviewed journals

Weizmann science powers the dynamic startup scene in Israel. In the 2023 calendar year, numerous researchers and alumni successfully translated their scientific work into practical applications.

Technologies available for license
Active spin-off companies
Active Bina projects
Supporting early-stage research

Building upon the Institute’s storied track record of fostering research collaborations, Weizmann scientists continue to partner with colleagues at renowned institutions across the globe, resulting in thousands of academic papers published in the 2023 calendar year.



with colleagues in


resulting in



Budget: NIS 2.1 BILLION

2022-2023 Fiscal Year




bee swarms

relocated on campus
with help from bee-rescue
NGO Magen Dvorim Adom


trees from 14 species

on campus selected for real-time measurement of carbon fixation


m2 of solar cells

to supply 15% of electricity on the Weizmann campus


gigabits of data

collected every second at the Weizmann Astrophysical Observatory


W e i z m a n n   o n   t h e   h o m e   f r o n t

Weizmann on the home front

The ruthless Hamas attacks on October 7 had a profound impact on Israel and sent shockwaves around the world. Since then, the Weizmann Institute has been actively supporting our community, providing emergency housing, counseling, and stipends, as well as aid for those called up for military service and their families. Weizmann leadership has been urging academic peers worldwide to take a stand against anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric, while many of our staff members have been involved in nationwide relief efforts.

Scientists spreading hope

Each video below is 90 seconds long—the amount of time we have in Rehovot to get to a shelter in the event of a rocket attack.

Truth among colleagues

Bring them home

Securing our data

Brothers in (F)arms

A Weizmann scientist on the home front

Research never stops

Truth among colleagues

Bring them home

Securing our data

Brothers in (F)arms

A Weizmann scientist on the home front

Research never stops

R e s e a r c h
b r e a k t h r o u g h s

Research breakthroughs

Weizmann researchers provoke transformative scientific breakthroughs that are shaping the future of humanity. The past year’s achievements include advances in quantum science, intelligent materials, cancer research, regenerative medicine, astrophysics, and beyond. Here are a few highlights.

I n   t h e i r   o w n   w o r d s

In their own words

Friends and supporters from the global Weizmann community share their thoughts about the Institute, its indelible impact, and the value of promoting science through philanthropy.

“The values, mission, and humanity of the members of the Weizmann community are what will enable us to transcend the darkest moment I can remember.”

Doug Albrecht


“It takes two wings to fly an airplane. One is knowledge and brilliant science. The other is humanity. Making changes that will lead to a better quality of life. And flying that plane is what Weizmann does so uniquely and beautifully. That’s what, to me, makes Weizmann special.”

Dr. Dan Andreae


“Weizmann research to develop new, sustainable ways to store and use energy is of crucial importance to the future of our planet. My late brother, Adolfo Eric Labi, supported this cause, and I am grateful for the opportunity to honor his memory by participating in Weizmann’s important environmental project.”

Marina Barda


“It is both a pleasure and an honor to contribute to the Weizmann Institute through the Brazilian Society of Friends. Science has consistently held a significant place in our family's values, and we firmly believe that the path to a brighter, more promising world runs through the Weizmann Institute.”

Andre and Daniella Benchimol


“Scientific research is about exploration. You have no idea what we’ll find, but it could be—or it could lead to—the blockbuster discovery of the universe. That’s what makes it so exciting.”

Dr. Ellen and Harvey Knell

United States

N e w   s c i e n t i s t s

New scientists

After completing postdoctoral fellowships at some of the world’s top academic institutions, new scientists at the Weizmann Institute channel their imagination and training into game-changing fundamental research.

Vision beyond perception

Dr. Mark Sheinin, a recent recruit to the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, creates systems that enable vision capabilities beyond human perception. His numerous inventions include three unique cameras: one that can “see” sound vibrations on object surfaces, one that gathers scene data from the subtle pulsations of ubiquitous electric bulbs, and one that senses the world in 1D but outputs 2D high-speed videos.

Probing the immune response

Dr. Ranit Kedmi, a new principal investigator in the Department of Systems Immunology, is developing tools to study the human immune response at a much higher resolution than is currently possible. She plans to use RNA delivery methods to reverse loss of immune tolerance, a major component of autoimmune disorders ranging from allergies to neurodegenerative diseases to cancer.

W o m e n   a d v a n c i n g
s c i e n c e

Women advancing science

The Weizmann Institute has changed the scientific landscape in Israel through its longtime commitment to supporting outstanding women scientists at all stages of their careers—as graduate students on campus, during postdoctoral studies abroad, and as heads of their own labs when they return to Israel.

Dr. Alexandra Tayar

Dr. Alexandra Tayar earned her MSc and PhD at the Weizmann Institute. Following a postdoc at UC Santa Barbara, she returned to Weizmann as a principal investigator in 2022. Dr. Tayar and her group in the Department of Chemical and Biological Physics take building blocks, like proteins, from living systems and restore their function outside the cell to create new, complex materials.

Dr. Inbar Savoray

After completing her PhD at Weizmann last year, Dr. Inbar Savoray is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics in California. She is fascinated by the intersection of particle physics with quantum science, AI, and machine learning, and plans to explore potential new particles and forces—including ultralight dark matter—that could shed light on fundamental mysteries of nature.

S t u d e n t s   a n d   p o s t d o c s

Students and postdocs

MSc students
55 International
PhD students
148 International
Postdoctoral fellows
299 International
  • 762Female
  • 10
  • 998Male
  • 10

International voices on campus

Students reflect on their experience at Weizmann during wartime, and how life always prevails.

S c i e n c e   e d u c a t i o n

Science education

The Weizmann Institute’s educational mission is to instill a passion for science, bolster science literacy, and advance the next generation of science students and teachers. This is achieved through a wide range of outreach programs and activities offered in multiple languages and made accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages.

Total views of the Davidson Institute of Science Education website
School students visited the Davidson Institute with their classes
Classroom teachers
Used the Department of Science Teaching’s PeTeL platform for personalized teaching and learning (2022-23 academic year)

Emergency activities

Following October 7, the Davidson Institute of Science Education has assisted children displaced by the war by creating new programs and modifying existing materials. Davidson staff and gap-year cadets have led storytelling sessions, workshops, webinars, and even a stargazing event, among other science literacy activities across Israel.

B u i l d i n g   u p

Building up

We are pleased to present updates on various construction projects underway on campus—modern buildings that will host and facilitate groundbreaking science at the Weizmann Institute for decades to come.

The N.E. Alexander Family M Foundation Physics Building

In March 2023, ground broke on what will be the home base of the Frontiers of the Universe flagship. When finished, the building will feature the ULTRASAT Science Operation Center, a high-performance computing cluster, physics labs, and more.

Clore Garden of Science

Scheduled for completion in 2024, the extensively renovated open-air science museum features indoor labs for educational experiments, a state-of-the-art exhibition hall, and unique hands-on exhibits. The outdoor component of the Clore Garden is in the final stages of construction.

André Deloro Building for Advanced and Intelligent Materials

The future home of the Tom and Mary Beck Center for Advanced and Intelligent Materials (C-AIM), construction of this facility is expected to conclude in January 2025. Four underground floors will house highly sensitive research spaces, including clean rooms for nanofabrication work.

The Brazilian Friends Building

Significant progress was seen in 2023 on the construction of this ultramodern building, which will house the Azrieli Institute for Brain and Neural Sciences and revolutionize neuroscience research at the Weizmann Institute.

Pennie and Gary Abramson Family International Residence

Construction on this state-of-the-art dormitory progressed rapidly in 2023. Upon completion, the 16-story building will provide comfortable and convenient housing for students, postdocs, and their families.

The David Lopatie Institute of Comparative Medicine

Construction was completed in 2022, with the research facilities on the third and fourth floors now fully operational. Multiple units from the Department of Veterinary Resources, and 15 lab groups across scientific disciplines, are currently utilizing the building.

W e i z m a n n   l e g a c y :
T u r n i n g   o v e r   a   n e w   l e a f

Weizmann legacy: Turning over a new leaf

Over the past couple of years, we traveled on an insightful journey. We refined the Weizmann Institute’s values and our unique identity, looking closely at the freedom and boldness that are central to our science and enable us to achieve and excel in everything we do.

Along this journey, we returned to the vision of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, to the designs of his friend Erich Mendelsohn, to the first tree that served as a symbol of the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, and to the calligraphy that is still used as part of the Weizmann logo. Our past and our legacy served as inspiration for our refreshed logo and design.

The final outcome reflects our rich heritage, unique identity, and unmatched scientific excellence.

I n   t h e i r   o w n   w o r d s

In their own words

Friends and supporters from the global Weizmann community share their thoughts about the Institute, its indelible impact, and the value of promoting science through philanthropy.

“Machon Weizmann is an institution alive with activity. From the moment I first visited the campus and toured a working laboratory, I was reminded of my own years as a physics student in Mexico, writing my thesis.”

Martin Kushner and Miriam Korzeny


“Being a longtime friend of Weizmann makes me feel proud and rewarded, and in these complicated days of grief and loss, I stand united with you and choose Life. I am certain that our partnership in comparative medicine and brain research will advance this exact mission.”

David Lopatie

South Africa

“I am proud to support a collaboration between Weizmann and University of Navarra scientists to use innovative technologies and AI to develop therapies for the most lethal cancers. My partnership with the Weizmann Institute in supporting science for the benefit of humanity has limitless potential for generations to come.”

Zita and Alberto Palatchi


“The freedom to think, together with curiosity and passion to reveal the mysteries of life and the Universe, are what drive great discoveries. This is what I find at the Weizmann Institute: a place where researchers have the freedom to follow their dreams. Their success is mankind’s future.”

Milvia Perinot


“The Weizmann Institute puts people and talent at the centre of everything, which is why we’re so proud to support it.”

Bianca and Stuart Roden

United Kingdom

L e a d e r s h i p


We extend our sincere appreciation to Prof. Alon Harmelin for his valuable contributions as he concludes his tenure as Vice President for Administration and Finance. We welcome to the management team Alon Weingarten, Vice President for Administration, and Tamir Kadishi, Chief Financial Officer.

  • Prof. Alon Chen

  • Prof. Ziv Reich

    Vice President
  • Prof. Irit Sagi

    VP, Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Prof. Roee Ozeri

    VP, Development and Communications
  • Prof. Alon Harmelin

    VP, Administration and Finance
  • Alon Weingarten

    VP, Administration (from January 2024)
  • Tamir Kadishi

    Chief Financial Officer (from January 2024)

W e i z m a n n
w o r l d w i d e
c o m m i t t e e s

Weizmann worldwide committees

Our international committees work tirelessly to foster existing friendships and facilitate potential new partnerships with the Weizmann Institute. We invite you to be in touch to hear more about our groundbreaking research and important initiatives on campus.