Dr. Daniel Dar

Plant and Environmental Sciences
Microbial Systems Biology
Research Focus
From Single cells to Microbial Collectives

How do bacteria interact to form complex multicellular assemblies? Our lab addresses this fundamental open question using high-resolution microscopy, single-cell transcriptomics, computational biology, and molecular genetics to uncover new therapeutic avenues and principles of community engineering.

Our core interests revolve around deciphering the principles of single-cell phenotypic heterogeneity in bacteria and the regulatory mechanisms driving in situ community assembly. In addition, we are developing new tools for functional genomics and transcriptomics to study gene regulation comprehensively and to discover new regulatory elements for synthetic biology.

We leverage various bacterial model systems in our studies, including human, plant, and algal pathogens and environmentally important multicellular bacteria. Our systems biology-oriented research draws heavy inspiration from microbial physiology, cell biology, gene regulation, and evolution.