Dr. Leeat Keren

Dr. Leeat Yankielowicz-Keren

Molecular Cell Biology
Systems biology , Cancer immunology
Research Focus
Developing experimental and computational approaches for multiplexed imaging of clinical specimens to uncover tumor-immune interactions

Human pathologies depend on the interplay between malignant cells, stroma, and the immune system. However, we have much better understanding of individual cells than of their cumulative behavior. Our research is focused on understanding how different cells interact as a system in health and disease to define progression and outcome in response to treatment. We developed MIBI-TOF, a novel mass-spec based multiplexed-imaging method that enables us to visualize the transcriptome and proteome of single cells in clinical specimens within their native location in the tissue. We combine multiplexed imaging with machine learning, artificial intelligence and clinical collaborations to study the involvement of the immune system in cancer, with the ultimate goal of developing better treatments and diagnostics.