Rechargeable Batteries

Our research is focused on elucidating the electrochemical and chemical processes in Li-ion and beyond lithium battery chemistries (Na, K, solid electrolytes, Li metal anodes). We use and develop advanced solid state NMR techniques to gain molecular level insight into how these systems function and why they fail – so that we can improve them. In addition to NMR we use more ‘traditional’ characterization tools such as X-ray diffraction, XPS and electron microscopy.

Solid State NMR

We are using advanced magnetic resonance techniques to characterize (mostly) solid functional materials. Our interest in how materials function motivates the development of new NMR tools designed to address specific challenging questions where NMR can provide unique insight. For our methodology development we use theory and experiments on model systems.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

We’re interested in using DNP for sensitivity enhancement for studying difficult (i.e. low sensitivity) nuclei as well as surface chemistry in functional materials. We are also interested in developing new polarization agents providing selectivity to the NMR measurement.

paramagnetic metal ion dopants used as polarization agents in inorganic materials

Metal Ions DNP

Development and utilization of paramagnetic metal ions as endogenous polarization agents for DNP in inorganic materials.