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Mathematics and Computer Science differ from other scientific disciplines in their stronger tendency to abstraction and generalization. This tendency is most clear in the theoretical areas of these disciplines, but is also evident with the applied areas, since all these areas deal with manipulation of knowledge and data.

The Mathematics and Computer Science faculty at Weizmann represents both the theoretical and applied aspects of both disciplines. Indeed, at times the boundary between theory and applications is hard to draw and sometimes it is even a bit fictitious. The same holds with respect to the boundary between Mathematics and Computer Science.
Hence, the partition into areas provided here should be taken with a grain of salt.

The "faculty'' is actually a collection of individual researchers, and so the "research performed by the faculty'' is actually the research performed by the faculty members, its students, and its post-doctoral fellows.
Still, we do have some collective activities -- these are mainly regular seminars and occasional special lectures and workshops.