Research Interests by Faculty Member

Name Research Interest 
Abboud, Amir Fine-Grained Complexity and Algorithms
Aizenbud, Avraham Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Artstein, Zvi Dynamical Systems, Control, Variational Limits, Singular Perturbations, Set-Valued Analysis.
Bader, Uri Geometric and Analytic Group Theory. Algebraic Groups and Lie Theory. Ergodic Theory and Dynamics.
Basri, Ronen

Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning

Ben-Menahem, Ari Earthquake and Exploration Seismology
Benjamini, Itai Probability, Coarse Geometry
Berkovich, Vladimir Non-Archimedean Analytic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory
Binyamini, Gal o-minimal geometry, Diophantine geometry, differential equations
Brakerski, Zvika Foundations of Computer Science, Foundations of Cryptography and Quantum Computing
Brandt, Achi Scientific Computation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics
Dekel, Tali Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning, Computer Graphics, Generative AI, Image Synthesis and Editing, Video Analysis and Synthesis
Dinur, Irit Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Complexity, PCPs, high dimensional expansion
Dobzinski, Shahar Algorithmic Game Theory, Auction Design, Algorithms
Dym, Harry Operator Theory, Interpolation Theory, Inverse Problems, Classical Analysis
Eldan, Ronen High dimensional probability
Eldar, Yonina AI and Signal Processing Research in Health, Imaging, Sensing and Communication
Feige, Uriel Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Coping With NP-hardness, Algorithmic Game Theory, Fair Division
Flash, Tamar Robotics, Motor Control, Computational Neuroscience
Fraenkel, Aviezri Combinatorial Game Theory, Combinatorics on Words, Various Complexity Studies
Friedgut, Ehud Analytical and algebraic methods in Combinatorics
Gelander, Tsachik Ergodic Theory, Group Theory and Dynamical Systems
Gelbart, Stephen Group Representations, Automorphic Forms, Number Theory
Goldreich, Oded Randomness and Computation, Computational Complexity
Goldwasser, Shafi Randomization in Algorithms and Complexity, Cryptography, Theory of Machine Learning.
Gorelik, Maria Lie Theory, Representations of Lie (super)algebras
Gourevitch, Dmitry Representation Theory, Non-commutative Harmonic Analysis
Harel, David Systems and Software Engineering, Visual Languages, Biological Modeling, Odor Communication and Synthesis, Prosody Analysis
Irani, Michal Computer Vision, Image Processing, Video analysis, AI, Deep Learning, “Mind Reading” (decoding information from Brain activity)
Joseph, Anthony Enveloping Algebras, Quantum Groups, Representation Theory
Kannai, Yakar Linear Partial Differential Equations, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics
Klartag, Boaz Analysis, Convex Geometry, High-dimensional effects
Kozma, Gady Probability and Fourier Analysis
Krauthgamer, Robert Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms for Massive and High-Dimensional Data, Metric Embeddings
Lapid, Erez Automorphic Forms, Trace Formula
Lipman, Yaron Geometric Deep Learning, Generative Models, Computer graphics
Lubotzky, Alexander Group theory and its connections to geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and computer science
Nadler, Boaz Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Applications in Signal and Image Processing
Naor, Moni Computational Complexity, Cryptography, Computer Security
Novikov, Dmitry Ordinary Differential Equations in Complex Domain, Real Algebraic Geometry, Hilbert 16th Problem
Parter, Merav Algorithms and distributed computing
Peleg, David Graph Theory, Approximation Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Communication Networks
Regev, Amitai Polynomial Identities, Sn Representations, Combinatorics
Rom-Kedar, Vered Dynamical Systems, Hamiltonian Flows, Modeling in Biology and Medicine, Mixing, Chaos
Rothblum, Guy Cryptography, Algorithmic Fairness, Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis, Computational Complexity
Sarig, Omri Ergodic theory, Dynamical Systems, and Probability
Schechtman, Gideon Convexity, Geometry of Banach Spaces, Probability
Segal, Eran Computational Biology, Machine Learning
Shamir, Adi Cryptography, Cryptoanalysis, Complexity Theory, Algorithms
Shamir, Ohad Machine learning theory
Shapiro, Ehud Computational foundations for digital democracy,  grassroots distributed systems
Sheinin, Mark Computer Vision and Computational Imaging
Shusterman, Mark Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Group Theory
Subag, Eliran Probability theory, spin glasses, mathematical physics
Tanay, Amos Computational biology, Single cell genomics in stem cells and ageing
Tessler, Ran Mathematical physics
Vidick, Thomas Computational complexity, quantum computation and quantum cryptography
Titi, Edriss S. Navier-Stokes & Euler Equations, Analysis of Oceanic & Atmospheric Dynamics Models, Data Assimilation
Ullman, Shimon Vision, Computer Vision, Brain Modelling
Yakovenko, Sergei Ordinary Differential Equations, Differential Algebra, Complex Analysis, Tame Geometry
Yomdin, Yosef Ordinary Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Numerical Methods, Image Processing, Complexity
Zeitouni, Ofer Probability theory, disordered media, random matrices, logarithmically correlated fields, and applications