Performing research and guiding students in a variety of mathematical fields including algebra, geometry, analysis and probability. 


Faculty Members

Avraham Rami Aizenbud

Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Zvi Artstein

Dynamical Systems, Control, Variational Limits, Singular Perturbations, Set-Valued Analysis.

Uri Bader

Geometric and Analytic Group Theory. Algebraic Groups and Lie Theory. Ergodic Theory and Dynamics.

Itai Benjamini

Probability, Coarse Geometry

Vladimir Berkovich

Non-Archimedean Analytic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory

Gal Binyamini

o-minimal geometry, Diophantine geometry, differential equations

Harry Dym

Operator Theory, Interpolation Theory, Inverse Problems, Classical Analysis

Ronen Eldan

High dimensional probability

Ehud Friedgut

Analytical and algebraic methods in Combinatorics

Tsachik Gelander

Ergodic Theory, Group Theory and Dynamical Systems

Stephen Gelbart

Group Representations, Automorphic Forms, Number Theory

Maria Gorelik

Lie Theory, Representations of Lie (super)algebras

Dmitry Gourevitch

Representation Theory, Non-commutative Harmonic Analysis

Anthony Joseph

Enveloping Algebras, Quantum Groups, Representation Theory

Yakar Kannai

Linear Partial Differential Equations, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics

Boaz Klartag

Analysis, Convex Geometry, High-dimensional effects

Gady Kozma

Probability and Fourier Analysis

Erez Lapid

Automorphic Forms, Trace Formula

Alexander Lubotzky

Group theory and its connections to geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and computer science

Dmitry Novikov

Ordinary Differential Equations in Complex Domain, Real Algebraic Geometry, Hilbert 16th Problem

Amitai Regev

Polynomial Identities, Sn Representations, Combinatorics

Omri Sarig

Ergodic theory, Dynamical Systems, and Probability

Gideon Schechtman

Convexity, Geometry of Banach Spaces, Probability

Mark Shusterman

Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Group Theory

Eliran Subag

Probability theory, spin glasses, mathematical physics

Ran Tessler

Mathematical physics

Sergei Yakovenko

Ordinary Differential Equations, Differential Algebra, Complex Analysis, Tame Geometry

Yosef Yomdin

Ordinary Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Numerical Methods, Image Processing, Complexity

Ofer Zeitouni

Probability theory, disordered media, random matrices, logarithmically correlated fields, and applications