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Prof. Shimon Ullman

Prof. Shimon Ullman

The Ruth and Samy Cohn Professorial Chair of Computer Sciences
Principal Investigator
Jacob Ziskind Building


MIT Alumni    |   Weizmann Alumni

Weizmann Alumni

Past Students: Ph.D. and Ms.C. Thesis supervision 


  • Yachin Alon, Ph.D. 2018, "Classification of social interaction by computer vision"

  • Lifshitz Ita, Ph.D. 2018, "Toward hand-object interactions in action recognition"

  • Rosenfeld Amir, Ph.D. 2017, "Interpreting minimal recognizable action configurations"

  • Fetaya Ethan, Ph.D. 2017, "Learning with limited supervision"

  • Dorfman Nimrod, Ph.D. 2014, "Modeling early human visual learning"

  • Harari Daniel, Ph.D. 2012, "Using motion and internal supervision in object recognition"

  • Dinerstein Michel, Ph.D. 2010

  • Fink Michael, Ph.D. 2010

  • Karlinsky Leonid, Ph.D. 2010, "Towards the recognition of actions and their components"

  • Litvak Shai, Ph.D. 2009

  • Levi Dan, Ph.D. 2009, 

  • Blumenfled Barak, Ph.D. 2009

  • Gilai-Dotan Sharon, Ph.D. 2007

  • Dovgrad Roman, (Co-supervised), Ph.D. 2007

  • Epshtein Boris, Ph.D. 2007, "Fragment hierarchies and semantic features"

  • Bart Evgeniy, Ph.D. 2005

  • Borenstein Eran, Ph.D. 2005

  • Vidal-Naquet Michel, Ph.D. 2005, "The extraction and use of informative features for scale invariant recognition"

  • Zur Dror, Ph.D. 2003, "Filling-in of disrupted visual input-measurement, modeling, and visual aids"

  • Sali Erez, Ph.D. 2001, "Class-based visual recognition and reconstruction"

  • Kositsky Michael, Ph.D. 2000

  • Shmuel Amir, Ph.D. 1999, "Functional architecture and organization of the inter-connectivity as revealed by optical imaging",  (Co-supervised)

  • Zeira Assaf, Ph.D. 1999, "Combining bottom-up and top-down processing in visual object recognition"

  • Moses Yael, Ph.D. 1994, "Generalization to novel images"

  • Akerib Avidan, Ph.D. 1993, "Associative real time vision machine", (Co-supervised)

  • Basri Ronen, Ph.D. 1991, "The recognition of 3-D solid objects from 2-D images"

  • Guissin Avraham, Ph.D. 1991, "Visually-guided navigation using velocity fields"

  • Shapira Jerucham, Ph.D. 1991, "A pictorial approach to object classification and recognition across shape changes"

  • Dick Miri, Ph.D. 1990, "Parallel and serial processes in motion detection", (Co-supervised)

  • Dori Dov, Ph.D. 1988, "Detection and interpretation of dimensions in machine drawings", (Co-supervised)

  • Edelman Shimon, Ph.D. 1988



  • Hadar Gorodizki, Ms.C. 2018, "Large Field and High resolution: Detecting Needle in Haystack"
  • Abuhariri Gadeer, Ms.C. 2018, "Inverting Deep Neural Networks"
  • Hirszhorn Ariel, Ms.C. 2015, "Contour Representation: Combining Biological and Computational Considerations"
  • Teumkin Boris, Ms.C. 2013, "Body parts detection using reinforcement learning"
  • Klots Michael,  Ms.C. 2012, "Context-free detection and classification of minimal recognizable images and configurations"
  • Berkowitz Kalman, Ms.C. 2011, "Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up methods in the segmentation of a clothed torso in images"
  • Huberman David, Ms.C. 2011, "Detection of minimal recognizable parts"
  • Patish Uri, Ms.C. 2011, "Classifying images by semantic knowledge"
  • Kolc Mary Elizabeth, Ms.C. 2011, "Determining head orientation and gaze direction from single images"
  • Ozana Eilam Shira, Ms.C. 2010, "Development of an image identification decoder for voltage-sensitive dye signal in early visual cortex of fixating monkeys",(Co-supervised with H. Slovin)
  •  Kaminka Yuval, Ms.C. 2009, "Error correction and prediction in a model of the feedback projection from the primary visual cortex to the lateral geniculate nucleus", (Co-supervised with E. Schneidman)
  • Zeldin Maria, Ms.C. 2009, "Combining skin color and segmentation to detect people in images"
  • Gordon (Kiwkowitz) Michal, Ms.C. 2007,  "Improving performance and applying cascades in visual classification"
  • Gilad Sharon, Ms.C. 2007
  • Dinerstein Michael, Ms.C. 2007,  "Classification and reconstruction using binocular features"
  • Hegaze Mohamed, Ms.C. 2006, "Efficient Similarity Computation with Variable Neighbourhood Size in High Dimensional Spaces"
  • Klein Uri, Ms.C. 2006, "A Neurobiological Feature Hierarchies Extraction Network Model for Object Classification"
  • Karlinski Leonid, Ms.C. 2005, "The Learning and Use of Graphical Models for Image Interpretation"
  • Lifshitz-Shpringer Ita, Ms.C. 2005,  "Image Interpretation using Bottom-up Top-down Cycle on Fragment Trees"
  • Bart Evgeniy, Ms.C. 2004, "Object recognition using shared extended fragments"
  • Levi Dan, Ms.C. 2004, "A network model for fragment-based object classification"
  • Blumenfeld Barak, Ms.C. 2004, "Functional maps and intracortical connectivity in the primary visual cortex", (Co-supervised with M. Tsodyks)
  • Byvatov Evgey, Ms.C. 2003
  • Inger Aron, Ms.C. 2003, "Automatic Features Based Illumination Insensitive Facial Recognition Schemes"
  • Faivishevsky Lev, Ms.C. 2003, "Recognition Cascades"
  • Ecker Ady, Ms.C. 2003, "Images similarity based on the distributions of similar substructures"
  • Axelrod Ayelet, Ms.C. 2002, "Distinctive and Compact Features"
  • Hong, Byung-Woo, Ms.C. 2002, "Feature Selection for Sub-Ordinate Classification"
  • Gilaie-Dotan Sharon, Ms.C. 2001, "Stereo processing in human object-related visual areas", (Co-supervised with M. Tsodyks)
  • Borenstein Eran, Ms.C. 2000
  • Brestel Chen, Ms.C  1998, "Multi-views modeling & synthesis"
  • Soloviev Sergei, Ms.C. 1998, "Shift-invariant recognition by the conjunction of basic invariant patterns"
  • Ben-Porat Ariel, Ms.C 1997
  • Peshkin Leonid, Ms.C 1996, "Statistical methods in the analysis of brain imaging data"
  • Peshkin Leonid, Ms.C 1995
  • Caspi Yaron, Ms.C 1994
  • Kositsky Michael, Ms.C 1994, (Co-supervised with T. Flash)
  • Bar Moshe, Ms.C 1994, "Spatial context in recognition"
  • Cheifetz Yonatan, Ms.C. 1988
  • Zilbershatz Avishai, Ms.C. 1988
  • Shashua Amnon, Ms.C. 1988
  • Shoham Doron, Ms.C. 1988
  • Yolis Yoel, Ms.C. 1986
  • Neuman-Moses Yael, Ms.C. 1986
  • Edelman Shimon, Ms.C. 1985
  • Shafrir Avner, Ms.C. 1985
  • Keydar Moshe, Ms.C. 1985
  • Koren Gad, Ms.C. 1985
  • Yossef Ilana, Ms.C. 1985


MIT Alumni 

Past Students: Ph.D. and Ms.C. Thesis supervision 

MIT - Ph.D.

  • Alexander Pentland Ph.D. 1982, (Co-supervised)
  • Ellen Hildreth Ph.D. 1983, "The Measurement of Visual Motion"
  • Donald Hoffman Ph.D. 1983
  • Dimitri Terzoupolous Ph.D. 1984, "Multi-resolution Computation of Visible Surface Representatin (Co-supervised)
  • Dan Huttenlocher. Ph.D. 1988, "Three-Dimensional Recognition of Solid Objects from a Two-dimensional Image"
  • Brian Subirana Ph.D. 1993, "Mid-level Vision and Recognition of Non-rigid Objects"


MIT - M.Sc.

  • Michael Dennis Riley,  M.Sc. 1981, "The Representation of Image Texture"
  • John Loofbourrow M.Sc. 1983, "A Region Fill Algorithm Using Multiple Levels of Resolution"
  • John Bradstreet M.Sc. 1983, "Identifying Tokens in the Zero Crossings of Dog-Convoluted Images"
  • James V. Mahoney M.Sc. 1987, "Image Chunking: Defining Spatial Building Blocks for Scene Analysis"
  • Paul Wagner M.Sc. 1990
  • Anselm Spoerri M.Sc. 1991, "The Early Detection of Motion Boundaries"
  • Ivan Bachelder M.Sc. 1991, "Contour Matching Using Local Affine Transformations"
  • Pamela R. Lipson M.Sc. 1993, "Model Guided Correspondence"