Developmental and perturbation-seq of MB γ-neurons

In our developmental-seq experiment, we generated expression profiles of MB γ neurons at 14 developmental stages, using GMR71G10-GAL4 to drive the nuclear reporter RedStinger, along with other adults cells – MB α/β neurons (NP3061-Gal4), non MB neurons (c155-GAL4 additionally expressing MB247-GAL80) and astrocytes (alrm-GAL4).

In the perturbation-seq experiment we compared the expression profiles of WT γ neurons and ones perturbed for EcR (EcR-DN), Sox14 (Sox14 RNAi), E75 (E75 RNAi) and unf (unf RNAi) at several developmental stages.

Our data, as provided here, enables a quick exploration of the expression pattern of any gene in the developing WT or perturbed γ neurons and in other adult cells. Note that genes which are expressed below a certain threshold are not shown. Please explore our paper for more details.

For more details see Alyagor et al. (2018), Dev cell.