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Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Oren Schuldiner

Principal Investigator / Head of Group
Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology
Dept. of Molecular Neuroscience
Ullmann Building of Life Sciences 
Room 230
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 7610001, Israel
Office: +972-8-934-2769

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Research Possibilities

We are seeking highly motivated individuals who are interested in using Drosophila as a model for neurodevelopment. Candidates should be hard-working, good at problem solving and innovative. Background in genetics or neurobiology is an advantage.

Have a look at our open day poster.

Interested candidates should email a statement indicating research interests, a CV, and contact info for professional references to Oren at

PhD students and Post-doctoral fellows: Highly motivated individuals are welcome. Please send a CV and contact info for reference letters. Note that PhD candidates should also apply to the Feinberg Gaduate School.
Rotation students: Highly motivated rotation students are always welcome. Please contact Oren by mail. 

Position Duration and Dates Description
Start: Oct 1, 2021
Duration: 4 years
<p>Neuronal remodeling is an essential process used to sculpt the mature nervous system in vertebrates and invertebrates. One major mechanism is axon pruning in which neurons eliminate specific sections of their axons in a stereotypic manner. Not much is know about the molecular mechanisms that underlie this process. Defects in pruning may result in neurological conditions such as synesthesia or autism and the molecular mechanisms involved in axon pruning during development are also involved in axon fragmentation during neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer&#39;s, Parkinson&#39;s and ALS. Therefore, uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying axon pruning during development should increase our knowledge more broadly on axon fragmentation during development, disease and after injury. We are studying this process in the fly as it is an awesome genetic model organism with cutting edge techniques that enable us to mutate and visualize single neurons within a whole brain. We are looking for bright and enthusiastic rotation students to join and push forward one of our ongoing research projects. Looking forward to see you!</p>