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Melanoma Immuno-Genomics

Selected Publications

Breaking the performance ceiling for neoantigen immunogenicity prediction

O’Brien H., Salm M., Morton L., Szukszto M., O’Farrell F., Boulton C., Becker P. D., Samuels Y., Swanton C., Mansour M. R., Reker Hadrup S. & Quezada S. A. (2023) Nature Cancer. 4, 12, p. 1618-1621

Combined presentation and immunogenicity analysis reveals a recurrent RAS.Q61K neoantigen in melanoma

Peri A., Greenstein E., Alon M., Pai J. A., Dingjan T., Reich-Zeliger S., Barnea E., Barbolin C., Levy R., Arnedo-Pac C., Kalaora S., Dassa B., Feldmesser E., Shang P., Greenberg P., Levin Y., Benedek G., Levesque M. P., Adams D. J., Lotem M., Wilmott J. S., Scolyer R. A., Jönsson G. B., Admon A., Rosenberg S. A., Cohen C. J., Niv M. Y., Lopez-Bigas N., Satpathy A. T., Friedman N. & Samuels Y. (2021) The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 131, 20, e129466.

Identification of bacteria-derived HLA-bound peptides in melanoma

Kalaora S., Nagler A., Nejman D., Alon M., Barbolin C., Barnea E., Ketelaars S. L. C., Cheng K., Vervier K., Shental N., Bussi Y., Rotkopf R., Levy R., Benedek G., Trabish S., Dadosh T., Levin-Zaidman S., Geller L. T., Wang K., Greenberg P., Yagel G., Peri A., Fuks G., Bhardwaj N., Reuben A., Hermida L., Johnson S. B., Galloway-Peña J. R., Shropshire W. C., Bernatchez C., Haymaker C., Arora R., Roitman L., Eilam R., Weinberger A., Lotan-Pompan M., Lotem M., Levin Y., Lawley T. D., Adams D. J., Levesque M. P., Besser M. J., Schachter J., Golani O., Segal E., Ruppin E., Kvistborg P., Peterson S. N., Wargo J. A., Straussman R. & Samuels Y. (2021) Nature (London). 592, 7852, p. 138-143
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Our long-term goal is to create a more comprehensive atlas of the cancer-specific immunopeptidome landscape and provide new targets for immunotherapy, ultimately utilizing this knowledge to pave the way to new personalized immunotherapies based on the cancer-specific antigen landscape and immune state, primarily in melanoma.

Our strategy involves the application of a multi-faceted approach using our melanoma tumor bank, our established rich genetic database, coupled with novel functional genomics and proteomic and peptidomic techniques, as well as computational tools.

Expanding our knowledge of tumor-immune-cell interactions in cancer and the analysis of these interactions could have major clinical relevance, as it may lead to the identification of predictive therapeutic biomarkers and the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

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