Astrophysical Instrumentation

Our group develops astrophysical instrumentation mainly using technologies that are invented here at Weizmann.

Current projects include:

  • Optical multiplexers: based on the new technology presented in Zackay & Gal-Yam (2014), we develop multiplexed cameras that can image wide sky areas using a physically small detector. 

  • A high-throughput visible arm for the forthcoming SOXS spectrograph (future mid-resolution time-domain spectrgraph for the ESO/NTT 3.5m telescope in La-Silla, Chile). Our team has designed a novel visible-light spectrograph that can achieve medium-resolution spectroscopy over the entire visible range with an efficiency almost twice that of leading echelette designs (such as the very successful Xshooter mounted on ESO/VLT). The project has passed the final design review (FDR) and we have begun to manufacture the instrument.