Transients in the Dark

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The Team:

Dr. Lifan Wang (PI), Dr. Peter Brown, Dr. Jianhua Huang, Dr. Kevin Krisciunas, Mr. Zhenfeng Lin, Mr. Andrew Quick, Dr. Nicholas Suntzeff, Dr. Yi Yang (TAMU), Dr. Jeremy Mould (Swinburne), Dr. Avishay Gal-Yam, Dr. Eran Ofem, Mr. Barak Zackay (Weizmann) ...


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JWST image simulators:

Work packages:

  • WP 0 - Basic Characteristics - collect required technical data, set up project webpage (A. Gal-Yam)
  • WP 1 - Astrophysical Inputs - model the properties of objects expected to be detected in JWST images: Stars and Brown Dwarfs (J. Mould), Galaxies (P. Geil), IR Backgrounds (TBD)
  • WP 2 - Simulated Data - produce simulated images based on inputs from WP1. Demonstrate image coaadition, image subtraction and object detection (A. Gal-Yam, E. Ofek, B. Zackay)