Guidelines for Purchasing and Holding Materials

Guidelines for Purchasing and Holding Materials and Equipment at the Weizmann Institute of Science

The purchase and holding of materials and equipment at the Weizmann Institute of Science are regulated by several authorities: The Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Health, Home Front Command, Nuclear Research Center – Soreq, and others. These entities enforce the legislation by providing the Institute with annual permits, and perform on-site inspections. If they find unpermitted materials or equipment, they are authorized to cancel the permit the Institute holds for chemicals, biohazards, or radioactive materials and equipment. Such cancellation may have significant impact on the scientific activities at the Institute. To comply with the state legislation and Institute regulations, it is crucial to follow these guidelines for purchasing/holding materials and equipment: 1. All purchases of chemical, biological, or radioactive materials and equipment must be conducted through the Procurement Division – Warehouses Branch (via the TAFNIT system). 2. Materials or equipment that cannot be purchased through the TAFNIT system, such as those obtained from colleagues or from other sources, the PI must notify the Safety Unit prior to ordering or acquiring the goods, so as to obtain a written approval/permit.