Computerized Tomography (CT) and x-ray

Small Animal X-ray & micro-CT image

Small Animal X-ray & micro-CT

The unit supports wide range of scientific projects, providing in-vivo imaging
of pre-clinical rodents models of human disease. The TomoScope Micro-CT
System offers high resolutions (100 μm), short scan times, good low-contrast,
and optimization of radiation dose and signal-to-noise-ratio. The DXS PRO X-ray
System provides high resolution (60 μm), low radiation dosage 2D X-ray images.
Special high performance image analysis software enables quantification of
X-ray data including size, X-ray density, and shape.

Contact: Inbal Biton

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Micro-CT image


The Xradia Micro-CT instrument is designed to provide high-resolution X-ray
tomographic images at 1 µm resolution for thick specimens.

Contact: Vlad Brumfeld

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