Light microscoy

3D Optical imaging image

3D Optical imaging

We offer training and support for the use of the advanced 3D light imaging systems
in the unit, imaging live and cleared samples: LightSheets, Two photon, Confocal.
We provide experimental design consult for the use of advanced optical imaging
systems. From sample preparation, through selection of proper imaging modality
to image acquisition and analysis.

Contact: Sefi Addadi

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Small Animal Optical Imaging image

Small Animal Optical Imaging

The unit offers small animal advanced optical imaging techniques. Available
techniques and instruments: IVIS SPECTRUM, IVIS KINETIC, multi photon
microscopy, multi spectral opto-acoustic tomography (MSOT), intraviral
microscopy, confocal endoscopy.

Contact: Vyacheslav Kalchenko

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Super Resolution Light Microscopy image

Super Resolution Light Microscopy

State-of-the-art light microscopes including super resolution light microscopy
and cryo-light microscopy.

Contact: Tali Dadosh

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Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) image

Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

Cellular features labeled with fluorescence dyes are correlated with high-resolution
EM methods in high precision.

Contact: Tali Dadosh Elad Milrot Katya Rechav Sharon Wolf Eyal Shimoni 
Smadar Zaidman Elena Kartvelishvily

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High Content Screening (HCS) image

High Content Screening (HCS)

High Content Screening (HCS) is a method of screening small organic compounds for
bioactivity using automated microscopy to acquire high resolution images of cells and
further quantify their response by extracting numerical data from images following
segmentation and image analysis. High content refers to the multidimensional nature
of the experiment where one assay (typically a compound treatment) generates
multiple outputs.

Contact: Haim Michael Barr

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Immunohistochemistry msFISH image


The immunohistochemistry lab offers in situ protein and RNA detection by 
immunostaining and single molecule FISH methods. We additionally provide
imaging equipment and image analysis options.

Contact: Raya Eilam Liat Alyagor

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Ex Vivo Microscopy image

Ex Vivo Microscopy

A list of microscopes is available for general use.
All microscopes are equipped with digital cameras.

Contact: Ori Brenner Rebecca Haffner

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