Electron microscopy

Electron microscopy 3D image

3D EM Imaging

Imaging of thick samples including STEM/TEM tomography and FIB-SEM

Contact: Eyal Shimoni Katya Rechav

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Cryo-EM and Single Particle cryo-EM image

Cryo-EM and Single Particle cryo-EM

Advanced EM imaging methods (including 3D) at cryogenic conditions:
- Preserving biological samples in near native state
- Solving structures of protein complexes at high resolution

Contact: Sharon Wolf Eyal Shimoni Nadav Elad Elena Kartvelishvily

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Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) image

Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)

Collect micrographs of “wet” or uncoated specimens by allowing for a gaseous
environment in the specimen chamber

Contact: Ifat Kaplan Eugenia Klein Elena Kartvelishvily

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Electron Microscopy for Biological Samples image

Electron Microscopy for Biological Samples

Including TEM and SEM. Sample preparation is available for cells, tissues,
bacteria, viruses and plants, using high pressure freezing (HPF), immuno-labeling
and frozen sections (Tokuyasu technique).

Contact: Helena Sabanay Smadar Zaidman Eyal Shimoni Eugenia Klein 
Ifat Kaplan Elena Kartvelishvily Sharon Wolf

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Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) image

Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM)

Cellular features labeled with fluorescence dyes are correlated with high-resolution
EM methods in high precision.

Contact: Tali Dadosh Katya Rechav Sharon Wolf Eyal Shimoni 
Smadar Zaidman Elena Kartvelishvily

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Elemental Analysis image

Elemental Analysis

Elemental analysis and mapping of biological specimens using Energy Dispersive
Spectroscopy (EDS) in TEM, STEM and SEM or Electron Energy Loss spectroscopy
(EELS - in TEM & STEM only).

Contact: Ifat Kaplan Lothar Houben Eyal Shimoni Eugenia Klein Elena Kartvelishvily 

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