Image analysis and computation

Small Animal MRI image

Image Analysis

Addressing all issues related to post-acquisition of biological imaging data
ranging from image visualization and quantitative image analysis to relevant
guidance and training. We can devise a proper analysis workflow for the specific
application, help finding or adapting proper tool or guide the investigator
through the necessary steps.

Contact: Ofra Golani

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Image Analysis software

Licenses for the following commercial IA software are available:
Imaris, Arivis, Avizo/Amira, AutoQuant, LASx, Analyze, Volocity.

We provide help and training for open-source image analysis software  
like ImageJ/Fiji, CellProfiler and others.

Contact: Katya Rechav (Avizo/Amira) Ofra Golani (others)

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Small Animal MRI image

Image Analysis workstations

High Performance Image analysis workstations are available at the Life
Science Core Facility, equipped with commercial and free IA Software

Contact: Vitaly Golodnitsky Ofra Golani

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Bioimg storage

BioImaging Data Storage

BioImg is a Central long-term Storage Server for raw imaging data, which
automatically collect imaging data from multiple campus wide imaging
platforms. Users can document, search, access and share data from
anywhere on campus

Contact: Vitaly Golodnitsky

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