Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Small Animal MRI image

Small Animal MRI

MRI provides images with high spatial resolution and offers non-invasive,
direct imaging in any desired spatial plane. The unit supports wide range
of scientific projects, providing in-vivo imaging of pre-clinical rodents models
of human disease.  Available MRI scanners: 9.4 Tesla Bruker Biospec MRI
System and Bruker's Minispec LF50 Body Composition Analyzer. Available MRI
techniques: T1, T2, T2*, PD, DWI, DTI, perfusion MRI, cardiac MRI, MRA, CSI, MRS.

Contact: Inbal Biton

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Human MRI image

Human MRI

The core of the facility is a 3 Tesla whole body scanner (Trio, Siemens), used
mainly for imaging experiments on Human subjects and for developing and
testing new MRI and MRS methods.  Among the applications that are included
on the system are BOLD – for functional brain imaging, diffusion and perfusion
imaging, MR angiography, flow measurements, and spectroscopy including
chemical shift imaging. The service includes consulting and designing MRI
protocols for the researcher's need, implementing of advanced protocols,
running the experiments, and assistance in image analysis.

Contact: Edna Furman-Haran

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