department of Chemical and Structural Biology

Location: Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman bldg,
Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot 76100, Israel
Phone: +972-8-934-6570 Fax: +972-8-934-3029

head of the department

Prof. Koby Levy

Phone: +972-8-934-4587

room 452

departmental secretary

Nicole Dorfman

Department Secretary

Phone: +972-8-934-6570

room 250


Sarit Gur

Phone: +972-8-934-4559

room 250

Procurement Officer

Natasha Lubomirskey

Phone: +972-8-934-6438

room 250

Budgetary Officer

Efrat Rom

Phone: +972-8-934-6439

room 250

Assistant to Head of Administration

Shahar Nagar

Phone: +972-8-934-6436

room 263