About Us

The Staff Scientist position at the Weizmann Institute of Science is an academic tenure track (requiring a Ph.D. or M.D) comprised of four ranks:

  • Staff Scientist
  • Associate Staff Scientist
  • Senior Staff Scientist
  • Senior Research Fellow

Individuals are accepted to this track based on their scientific achievements, capabilities and their potential to excel and make significant contributions to the Institute’s research.

  • We conduct pioneering research both in research groups and provide top-level technological and scientific support.
  • We are partners in the world-class scientific research conducted at the Weizmann Institute and play a prominent role in the scientific accomplishments of the Institute.
  • We teach graduate-level courses through the Feinberg Graduate School.

Check out our FAQ section where we have collated a lot of useful information about the track.

Interested in becoming a staff scientist at the Weizmann Institute? Check out job postings on the Weizmann HR site here (in Hebrew only, sorry)