Frequently Asked Questions by Staff Scientists

Staff Scientists should be knowledgeable about the following topics that affect them. Many of the answers to the questions below link to documents in the Academic Secretary web site. Access to these documents may be accessible only within the institute network (Your login account and password is required).
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Salary, pension, etc

What are תוספת מחקר "א" ו-"ב" and how can I get these salary additions?

In order to obtain either salary addition, the Staff Scientist must be a Co-PI of the grant proposal. The תוספת מחקר "א" is for research grants from external entities that allow the principal investigators to obtain an extra salary for managing the research. The group leader will be paid additional salary for management, up to 50%, depending on the rules and the amount of the research grant. The salary is paid from the research grant itself.

For תוספת מחקר-"ב", a Staff Scientist that appears as a principal investigator in an external grant that does not contain any provision for providing salary to the principal investigators, is entitled to receive up to a 25% salary addition depending on the amount of the research grant and the number of principal investigators. If the Staff Scientist has more than one grant belonging to this category he/she could get an additional 5% salary addition. Note that the additional salary is computed from the value of the grant divided by the number of investigators receiving the salary addition. The salary addition is not paid from the research grant and so does not reduce the funds available for research. The exact rules are complex; please consult the Projects Section of the Finance Division.

The sum of  תוספת מחקר "א" ו-"ב" may not exceed a maximum salary addition of 55%.

Where do I obtain information about my salary, pension, income tax, קרן השתלמות, sick days, vacation days, etc.?

What are the rules for תוספת זמן מלא?

Twice a year Staff Scientists receive a declaration form to be signed declaring which months the researcher did not receive income, other than WIS salary, which exceeded a specific value (i.e. “devoted full-time to the Institute”) according to the regulations set by the  Council for Higher Education. The extra salary is paid four times per year and depends on rank only (not on ותק or other salary additions).

The exact regulations

What are the rules for absence with and without pay?

Absence with pay

  • Staff Scientists, as members of the Academic Staff, are entitled to Keren Kishrei Mada and Leave of Absence with pay. However they are not independent and any travel request they make requires the consideration and approval of their group head in addition to all other endorsements which are required from any Academic Staff member.
  • Vacation is vacation and must be declared as such monthly by every Academic Staff member on the form received from HR Division in this regard. A declaration of Vacation is different from a declaration of On Duty.
  • Academic Staff receive a monthly gross calendar days allocation (i.e. not work days) of 90 days total (i.e. max allowed) of Leave with pay (which is comprised of a max of 30 days’ Vacation + a max of 60 days On Duty). The allocation is made for every Academic Year (i.e. 1 Oct – 30 Sept) and is non- accumulable.

Absence without pay

The Academic Secretary must approve any absence without pay.