Frequently Asked Questions by Staff Scientists

Staff Scientists should be knowledgeable about the following topics that affect them. Many of the answers to the questions below link to documents in the Academic Secretary web site. Access to these documents may be accessible only within the institute network (Your login account and password is required).
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How can I get a low interest loan guaranteed by the Institute?

Mortgages: Tenured Associate Staff Scientist, Senior Staff Scientist, and Senior Research Fellows may request a recommendation from the Institute to the bank for a mortgage to purchase a dwelling up to the sum of $90,000. The loan is linked to the cost of living index bearing 4% interest. If the interest becomes considered a benefit, it will be taxable. The grant of the loan is conditional on the bank's approval. The above is applicable as long as the Staff Scientist has not received a housing loan while at the Weizmann Institute, in any previous position.

Short term loans: The Institute guarantees short term loans with very low interest from Bank Leumi to Institute employees.

How much is my annual travel grant (קק"מ) and what are the rules for using it?

  • The annual allowances of the Kakam (termed in the Institute official letters as “International Scientific Ties Fund”) for 2012 are as follows:
    1. Assistant Staff Scientist - $4,137
    2. Associate Staff Scientist - $5,254
    3. Senior Staff Scientist - $6,846
    4. Senior Research Fellow - $10,255
  • The annual allowance is updated, and becomes available at the start of the academic year.
  • The Kakam can be used for the purpose of attending conferences or for work related visits to Institutions abroad, and can be used with the approval of the direct PI, the head of Department, and Dean of the faculty. Also included are professional courses, books and journal subscriptions and membership in professional organizations. 
  • The Kakam funds can be also used to buy a computer (once every four years) for the work related use of the Staff Scientist. (After four years the computer can be purchased for 10% of its original cost.
  • Mobile phones and their monthly charges can also be paid from Kakam.

How can my family members have their university or college tuition paid by the Institute?

Institute workers are entitled to funding of tuition of an academic degree for his family members (spouse and children) at universities and colleges in Israel, provided that the degree is recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The amount of funding is up to the value of the tuition fees (less, if the position is less than full time). The amount of these fees is considered as income and is subject to income tax.

Who is eligible to buy a house in the Institute housing areas?

  • Senior Staff Scientists and Senior Research Fellows are entitled, upon availability, to buy an on-campus dwelling unit. The unit will be priced according to the market value of an equivalent dwelling and will be determined by a professional assessor. It is also possible to buy an on-campus dwelling unit from someone who already owns one; the price is negotiable. (Actually the land is not purchased, but leased for a long time.)
  • See “Housing Assistance for Academic Staff”.
  • Tenured Staff Scientists are eligible for housing loans, see the question below.