Frequently Asked Questions by Staff Scientists

Staff Scientists should be knowledgeable about the following topics that affect them. Many of the answers to the questions below link to documents in the Academic Secretary web site. Access to these documents may be accessible only within the institute network (Your login account and password is required).
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What is the governing structure of the Institute and how are Staff Scientists represented?

The Scientific Council of the Institute consists of all of the full professors and associate professors of the Institute as well as such number of representatives of other academic ranks and representatives of the student body, as determined by the Scientific Council.
The representatives of the Staff Scientists in the Scientific Council are the three executive members of the Staff Scientists Council (ועדת השלושה).

The Scientific Council has committees on specific topics. For example:

  • הוועדה המכוונת, ועדת ההעלאות והמנויים (chaired by the chair of the Scientific Council),
  • ועדה לדרוג עמיתים (chaired by the vice chair of the Scientific Council),
  • יו"ר תוכנית המלגאים, ועדה לדיון בעבודות דוקטור, הוועדה לשרותי מחקר ומנהל, ועדת ספריה

Recommendations for promotion of Staff Scientists (excluding Senior Research Fellows) are made by the ועדה לדרוג עמיתים.

The Council of Professors of the Institute comprises all the full professors of the Institute. It makes recommendations to the President and the Executive Board on all promotions to professorial grades and permanent appointments to the ranks of Senior Scientist and the rank of Senior Research Fellow.
Recommendations for permanent appointments to the ranks of Senior Scientist, and for promotions to Associate Professor (פרופסור חבר) and Professor (פרופסור מן המניין) are made by the V12 (ועדת השתיים עשרה) committee of the Council Professors.
Recommendations for promotion to the rank of Senior Research Fellow are made by the V5 sub-committee (including the chairman of the ועדת עמיתים  Vaadat Amitim).

Staff Scientists Council: For academic matters, Staff Scientists are represented by the Staff Scientists Council. See Staff Scientists Council Regulations.
The ועד המדענים represents Professors and Staff Scientists regarding wage agreements, benefits, etc. The Staff Scientists have an official member of this committee.

What are my rights and obligations regarding intellectual property or patents resulting from my work or from collaboration with other Weizmann scientists?

Staff scientists, as other researchers in the Weizmann, are bound by the same rules of intellectual property. A Staff Scientist working as part of a research group is not considered to be the “Chief Investigator”, thus he may only obtain the role of “inventor” or “contributor” to a patent invention and his share (%) in the patent royalties will be determined by the “Chief Investigator/s”.

Can a Staff Scientist teach a course in the Graduate School?

Staff Scientists may teach courses in the Graduate School. If you would like to teach a course, consult with the Director and Board of Studies of the corresponding Research School who decide which courses are offered by their Faculty and who teaches them. The payment for a course depends on the rank of the lecturer (e.g.  for Senior Staff Scientist and Associate Professors the rate in 2011 was 356 NIS per class hour).

For which prizes are Staff Scientists eligible?

Staff Scientists are eligible for the “Maxine Singer Prizes to Outstanding Staff Scientists”. In the past, two prizes were awarded each year; from 2013, four prizes will be awarded. See list of recent recipients of the prize. Any professor may nominate a Staff Scientist to stand for this prize.

How do I have official Weizmann visiting cards (כרטיסי ביקור) prepared?

Your department secretary can order them for you from the Publishing Department.

What are my rights to authorship of scientific journal articles?

There is no limitation on the authorship of articles for Staff Scientists; however, Staff Scientists that are part of a research group (i.e. not a service unit) should obtain the consent of their head of group prior to submission of independent publications. A Staff Scientist’s right to authorship is not limited by being in a service unit; the criterion is based solely on scientific contribution.

In which Institute committees do Staff Scientists participate?

Currently (2014), a Staff Scientist serves as an observer in the Services Committee of the Scientific Council and another as a member of the Safety Committee.

Can a Staff Scientist officially supervise a student?

Staff Scientists on their own are not allowed to supervise masters (M.Sc.) or doctoral (Ph.D.) graduate students. However, Senior Staff Scientists and Senior Research Fellows are allowed to co-supervise students, together with a Professor. Each case must be approved by the Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School.

Can a Staff Scientist submit a grant proposal?

A Staff Scientist may apply for external grants with his/her group leader or head of service unit.  If the application does not include his/her group leader or head of service unit, i.e. it is with another professor, then his/her group leader or head of service unit must agree in writing ahead of time.

A Staff Scientist may exceptionally apply for a grant by himself or with other Staff Scientists or with a Faculty member from another institution. In this case, written approval must be given ahead of time by his/her group leader or head of service unit and the Academic Vice-President. Permission in such a case will be given only in the most exceptional circumstances.

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What are the special project grants for Staff Scientists in service units?

This internal grant program is aimed at enabling Staff Scientists in scientific resources units (service units) to carry out independent research projects that will improve research tools in the unit for which they are responsible. The head of the service unit must agree that the Staff Scientist will be given the time needed to devote to the project. Applications are due in mid-April and are judged by a committee headed by the Academic Vice-president. For details, see: Weizmann - Staff Scientists Internal Grant Program. The grant can be used to pay for equipment, consumables and manpower (usually postdoc fellowship).