Can a Staff Scientist submit a grant proposal?

A Staff Scientist may apply for external grants as a co-PI with his/her group leader or head of department (in the case of a Staff Scientist in a services unit). A list of grants that permit staff scientists to be included as a co-PI is available here (correct as of 23/12/2021, will be updated as needed).

A Staff Scientist may exceptionally apply for a grant by himself or with other Staff Scientists or with a faculty member from another institution. In this case, written approval must be given ahead of time by his/her group leader or head of department and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Permission in such a case will be given only in the most exceptional circumstances; see letter from Vice President for Academic Affairs (login required).

There is an internal grant available for Staff Scientists in service units; for details see the grant page on the Research Grants and Projects Office site.

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