What are the rules for absence with and without pay?

Absence with pay

  • A Staff Scientist may be absent on duty from the Weizmann Institute (e.g., external conference, testing / learning new technologies, courses, lecture at another university) for a period not exceeding 60 days (gross, including nonworking days) per academic year.
  • A Staff Scientist is entitled to 22 days of vacation per academic year (gross 30 days), with a maximum of 44 accumulated days over 2 academic years (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30).
  • A Staff Scientist  is entitled to sick leave according to state regulations.

Absence without pay

  • A Staff Scientist may request a leave of absence without pay (CHALAT, חופשה ללא תשלום), which must be apporved by your direct supervisor, Head of Department, Dean and The Academic Secretary. For more details, see the Academic Affairs office (login required). Application forms are available online on the HR website (login required).