What are the rules for the declaration pertaining to devoting full time to the Institute (הקדשת זמן מלא)?

Staff Scientists twice a year must declare that they in the previous 5-7 months whether they were enganged in any external professional manner (such as research, planning, consulting, etc.) for financial renumeration (excluding author fees for scientific books or patents within the Staff Scientist's field of expertese) exceeding a prescribed amount. Staff Scientists who meet these criteria are elligible, upon declaration, of receiving a Full-Time Employment supplement, paid once every three months.

It should be noted that payment in the following cases is exempt:

  1. Teaching in pre-academic preparatory programs, courses for foreign students, courses for youth science students and academic programs intended for the defense forces.

  2. Being employed by one of the universities in Israel as an external teacher with a special permit given by the rectors of two institutions, excluding teaching in regional colleges.

  3. Teaching at the Feinberg Graduate School.

For more details, including the current exempted sums, see the Academic Affairs Office site (login required).