What Is Being Done?

  • Water savers ("Chaschamim") have been installed in all of the campus
  • Grey water infrastructure planned for new recreation center showers
  • Reuse of air conditioners chillers water
  • Usage of woodchips (“gezem”) to decrease evaporation and increase recharge to aquifer. Currently in pilot project at the orchard near Kikar Hayovel.
  • Water saving plants are being used in new gardening projects
  • In a concentrated effort since 1998, water for gardening was reduced from 1000 m3/year/dunam to 650 m3/year/dunam. More than 30% reduction in a decade of water foorprint reduction target.
  • Efforts to move from watering based on time to quantity basis is projected to save significant amounts in gardening consumption
  • Waterless toilet pilot planned.