2017 research activities

Head Prof. Dan Oron

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Prof. Dan Oron

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רקע כללי

The Department of Physics of Complex Systems has research programs in fundamental and applied physics. Research in optics and atomic physics includes nonlinear optics, ultra fast optics and high harmonic generation, quantum optics, slow light, descrete optics, nano optics and nonlinear microscopy, laser cooling and trapping of atoms and ions, studies of Bose Einstein condensation, precision spectroscopy and quantum information processing. Theoretical and experimental research in soft condensed matter is concentrated on equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, clustering of data, bioinformatics and systems biology, electrokinetics of ions and charged particles in low dielectric liquids, colloids, soft materials and complex fluids. Experimental and theoretical hydrodynamics concentrates on turbulence, spatio-temporal chaos, turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection, liquids at interfaces, droplet impact, sedimentation and dynamics of single micro-objects, such as polymers, vesicles, capsules and hydrodynamics of their solutions. Turbulence theory is developed in general and in applications to cloud physics. Classical and quantum chaos, statistics of nodal lines in quantum systems and turbulence are studied theoretically. Mathematical and computational methods for archaeological research are developed. Theoretical physical biology deals with modeling living information systems, their molecular components and the way they evolve. Experimental bio-physics deals with bio-molecules, neural cultures, neurophysics, physics of the brain, physics of bio-systems and decision making in ant colonies.

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  • Picture of Prof. Nir Davidson

    Prof. Nir Davidson

    Ultracold atoms
    Quantum degenerated atomic gases
    Quantum nonlinear dynamics and chaos
    Laser physics
    Slow and stored light
    Atomic optics and interferometry

  • Picture of Prof. Eytan Domany

    Prof. Eytan Domany

    Computational Physics: equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of spin glasses
    Collaboration with:  A. P. Young (UCSC)
    Development of tools and algorithms for large scale data analysis. Bioinformatics.
    Analysis of high-throughput biological data (in particular, gene expression data)
    Collaboration with:  Several research groups at Weizmann, in the USA and in Europe; see below.
    Controlled experiments on cell lines and mice (with D. Givol, V. Rotter, Y. Groner, L. Sachs; D. Gazit (Hadassa))
    Development of antigen chips, applications for autoimmune diseases (with I. Cohen)
    Studies human cancer samples; leukemia (with E. Canaani; G. Rechavi S. Izraeli (Sheba))
    Colorectal cancer; (with D. Notterman (UMDNJ), F. Barany (Cornell), P. Paty (MSK), A. Levine (Princeton))
    Prostate cancer; (with Z. Eshhar, A. Orr (TA Sourasky));
    Glioblastoma; (with M. Hegi, R. Stupp (CHUV))
    Breast and cervical cancer (with J-P Thiery, F. Radvanyi, X. Sastre, C. Rosty (Inst Curie))

  • Picture of Dr. Ofer Firstenberg

    Dr. Ofer Firstenberg

    Quantum optics with interacting photons: photonic quantum gates and fluids of light.
    Coherent optical processes in hot and cold atoms.
    Atomic sensors.

  • Picture of Prof. David Mukamel

    Prof. David Mukamel

    RNA and DNA denaturation.
    Collective phenomena in systems far from thermal equilibrium.
    Coarsening processes and slow dynamics.
    Systems with long range interactions

  • Picture of Prof. Dan Oron

    Prof. Dan Oron

    Optical nonlinearity in colloidal nanostructures
    sub-diffraction limited imaging
    Quantum dot enabled photovoltaics
    ultrafast dynamics of semiconductor quantum dots and hybrid lead halide perovskite nanocrystals
    Optics of biogenic crystals

  • Picture of Prof. Joel Stavans

    Prof. Joel Stavans

    Statistical Mechanics
    Single-Molecule Biological Physics.
    RNA interference
    Homologous recombination
    Genetic Networks and Systems Biology
    Regulation of gene expression by small RNAs
    Developmental decision making
    Noise and adaptation

  • Picture of Prof. Victor Steinberg

    Prof. Victor Steinberg

    Physical hydrodynamics, hydrodynamics of complex fluids, dynamics of single flexible micro-objects (molecules, membranes, etc) in complex fluid flows
    Hydrodynamics of polymer solutions, Elastic turbulence and Turbulent mixing by polymers.
    Hydrodynamics and rheology of complex fluids (vesicle, capsule, worm-like micelle, etc suspensions)
    Dynamics and conformation of single polymer molecule, vesicle, micro-capsule, etc in complex fluid flows.
    Measurement of velocity and vorticity fields by sound scattering in a turbulent flow.
    Convective turbulence in a fluid near the gas-liquid critical point.
    Microfluidics: mixing, cell separation, random flows.
    Development of non-invasive local sensors for measurements of stress field in fluid flow