Protein Structure & Dynamics with nD Ultrafast NMR

Ultrafast NMR is a single scan technique capable of delivering arbitrary multidimensional spectra, within a fraction of a second. Ultrafast 2D NMR operates on the basis of joint spectroscopic and imaging concepts and manipulations of the spin magnetization. 

Human MRI of Function and Disease

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a highly versatile, non-invasive tool for three dimensional visualization of in-vivo organs and tissues. A special role in MRI is played by so-called “ultrafast” techniques like Echo-Planar Imaging, EPI, capable of delivering these data in a fraction of a second. 


Hyperpolarized NMR & MRI: Methods Development and Applications

MR Spectroscopy (MRS) and MR Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) of molecules with hyperpolarized 13C nuclei are promising technique for in-vivo mapping of metabolic information. These methods are based on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) followed by a rapid dissolution process to produce a highly polarized metabolic contrast agent.