Our Classes

Our studio classes are built for trainees and vary according to their requests, we have diverse types of classes so everyone can find the type of class that suits them. A studio is an ideal place to get moving if you are new to exercising, haven’t exercised in a while or have injuries. With constant supervision, you’re sure to have better technique to maximize your results. During classes the studio instructors spend their time monitoring what you are doing and how you are doing it in our studio classes there is no more than 18 participants which means the instructor can adjust exercises to meet each participant’s individual needs without disruption to the class. Instead of being one body in a sea of many, you have the opportunity to get more attention and improve your performance of each exercise. Sometimes smaller is better.

Personal Training

Whether you’re someone who is just starting to work out in the gym or an experienced trainee, having a personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively. All the personal trainers at the Moross Fitness Center are all highly experienced and have excellent motivational skills to help you achieve your fitness goals.

News & Updates