One Hour session 150 NIS
Package of 10 one-hour sessions 1450 NIS

How to register?

  • Coordinate an appointment: Sunday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm by telephone 089346774 or Email:
  • Credit card payment only through a special link sent via email. 
  • After coordinating the meeting, you will receive an acknowledgment via email. 

About personal training

The first session with your personal trainer will be dedicated to getting to know each other and discussing your lifestyle and the importance you attribute to healthy living, including physical activity – and your preferred types of physical activities. During this session, the trainer will conduct a basic fitness assessment that would provide the information required to plan a suitable course of training for you. 

During the initial training sessions, you will be able to progress in any type of physical activity you choose. The trainer will encourage you to pursue physical activity outside of your sessions together, and will provide you with information and recommendations regarding nutrition and sleep, which are of equal importance to physical activity. 

According to your fitness goals and limitations, the trainer will design a gradual training program using the Fitness Center's equipment and other accessories in place. 

Once every pre-set number of sessions (according to the type of and goals of your training), you will take a fitness test to monitor your progress and achievement of fitness goals. After the test, your trainer will discuss with you your progress and possible new fitness goals. 

Advantages of personal training

  • Enhances exercising perseverance and is a motivating force. 
  • Helps you reach your fitness goals with guidance and professional instruction. 
  • Equips you with new and effective training techniques. 
  • Introduces variation into the training routine, thereby creating interest and preventing boredom from setting in. 
  • Provides a framework for your fitness activity and teaches new ways of maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The trainers

All the personal trainers at the Moross Fitness Center were specifically trained for personal training. They are all highly experienced and have excellent motivational skills to help trainees achieve their fitness goals. 

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions on personal training. 
Moross Fitness Center team