Fitness Center Regulations

  • These regulations are intended to ensure the proper functioning of the gym and the activity rooms.
  • This is your fitness center; observing these regulations is for your benefit.


  1. Every member is required to read, understand, and commit to observing the regulations by checking the confirmation box on the registration screen.
  2. Every member is required to show a student or employee ID card when entering the Fitness Center.
  3. When registering for the Fitness Center, applicants are required to affirm that there is, to the best of their knowledge, no medical or other reason which prevents them from joining the Fitness Center and using its facilities.
  4. Every member is required to complete the health declaration every two years, as required by law. In the event that the answer to one or more of the questions in Part 1 of the health declaration is positive, the member is required to obtain a medical certificate from their doctor confirming that physical exercise poses no danger to their health.
    1. This medical certificate must be submitted every year.
    2. The Fitness Center will permit entry to a member who submits a medical certificate within three months of its date of issue.
  5. A refund will not be granted to a member who has paid but not submitted the medical certificate which is a prerequisite for using the gym and the activity rooms.
  6. Extension of a member’s subscription is conditional on complying with all requirements, instructions, rules, and regulations and on continued payment of the subscription fee.
  7. The subscription is for the individual member only and is by no means transferable.
  8. All users of the gym are required to wear appropriate sports apparel and footwear and to bring a towel.
  9. Food may not be brought into the gym. Only drinks in resealable containers are permitted.
  10. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Fitness Center.
  11. Animals are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
  12. No vehicles such as bicycles or scooters, etc. may be brought into the Fitness Center.
  13. Speaking on mobile phones is strictly forbidden in the Fitness Center
  14. Users are required to follow the trainers’ instructions and the rules for using the exercise equipment. No equipment may be used without prior instruction.
  15. Use of facilities and participation in all activities in the Fitness Center are the sole responsibility of members.
  16. The Fitness Center/ Weizmann Institute of Science will not be liable for the theft or damage of any belongings brought into the Fitness Center. (This includes items stored in the locker rooms.)
  17. The Fitness Center reserves the right to immediately suspend the subscription of any member who: breaches or fails to comply with any of the above instructions, rules, and regulations; in any way disrupts the normal, ongoing activities of the Fitness Center; willfully damages any property.
  18. Members who are employees of the Weizmann Institute of Science or one of its supporting entities are not permitted to exercise in the gym or the activity rooms during work hours.
  19. The member hereby agrees to receive occasional notifications from the Fitness Center, including but not limited to text messages and emails for the provision of updates on matters relating to day-to-day operations of the Fitness Center.
  20. The member salary will be charged automatically every month until termination of the membership by the employee. 
  21. There is no reimbursement for any part of a month regardless of the reason for the cancellation of a subscription.
  22. All members are requested to be respectful of others, especially other peoples’ privacy and not use cameras for photographs and videos. The Fitness Center reserves the right to refuse service to any member who violates any rule or regulation of the Fitness Center.