Info for Parents

Registration for the upcoming school year is not available . you can enter the waiting list, if and when a place becomes available and it is your turn we will make sure to contact you

Who is the kindergarten for?

The kindergarten is intended for children where at least one parent is a scientist/student/post-doctoral student/intern/employee from the technical administrative sector. Additional exceptions will be considered per case by the Exceptions Committee, with full transparency.


WIZO is an international organization with cumulative experience of over 90 years in the education and care of children in early childhood and daycare centers. 

The daycare centers at the Weizmann Institute are operated and supervised by the organization in accordance with the highest educational standards.

For more information, visit WIZO Daycare Centers.

Nutrition Information

Proper nutrition underlies a child’s ability to grow, develop, and be healthy and focused throughout the day. Meal times are also great opportunities to work with children on various issues, such as patience, sharing, responsibility and attention. This is why, at WIZO daycare centers, we invest a lot of thought and effort in order to create a healthy, varied, delicious, satisfying and aesthetic menu for our children.

Each daycare center has experienced kitchen staff in clean and spacious kitchens. The kitchen staff also sit with the children during meals, help the pedagogical staff and obtain feedback from the children on the quality of the food. This is how we know your children are receiving the healthiest and best possible nutrition.

Each child receives three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack). The menus consist of a variety of fresh and select foods that contain all the required nutrients and are recommended by a nutritionist.

In the kindergarten, meals are based on meat, chicken, fish, soy, cereals, milk, fruits and vegetables. In the infant classes, we are prepared to adjust the types of food and its texture to the age of the child and their waking hours.

It is important to note that the afternoon snack is a light meal that includes a sandwich and fruit and does not replace a full meal. The weekly menu is posted on the parent’s bulletin board.


Every day, the children go outside to the playground and according to age, there are walks around the daycare center. Each year, a number of different classes are held according to age, such as music and movement.


The tuition fees for the 2023-2024 academic year for the various classes is determined following negotiations with WIZO, which operate the kindergartens at the Institute, in consideration of the greatest benefits for your child.

Following are the tuition fees for the 2023-2024 academic year - September 2023:

  September 2023
Monthly Fee (NIS)
Number of Children
per Class
Classes 1
Shaked & Rimon - Infants - Siem
4,300 15 per class
Class 2
Gefen - Toddlers - Siem
4,000 20
Class 3
Te’ena - Senior Toddlers
4,000 26
Class 3
Narkis - Senior Kindergarten - Anikster
3,689 29
Classes 4
Iris & Savyon Kindergartens - Anikster
3,630 32 per class

* Tuition may vary from year to year depending on the index


Tuition consists of a sum of two components – the base package as per the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services, and additional services as per the Steering Committee, and priced in accordance with negotiations with WIZO. These additions include enriched nutrition (including a meat menu), activities, training and more.

The main cost component (approx. 80% of the supplements), is the improved standard format, e.g., an improved ratio between the number of caregivers and the number of children in each class.

Important Information:

  • Children in kindergarten (Iris and Savyon), are subject to the Free Education Law, whereby the government participates in tuition fees in the amount of NIS 700 per month.
  • Children in the Siem kindergarten Narkis junior kindergarten are obligated to register with the Ministry of Labor. Parents who are entitled to register, will receive some tuition assistance following submission of an application and relevant documents to the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services. (Eligibility is determined according to family income and other parameters).
  • Students with children up to the age of 3 receive assistance from the Weizmann Institute in the amount of NIS 424 per month/per child.

When is it feasible and necessary to contact the committee?

As a general rule, prior to contacting the Steering Committee, qualified professionals and administrative bodies should first be consulted.

For pedagogical matters and day-to-day management, please contact the kindergarten teachers and/or the directors of the Siem kindergarten and Anikster preschool. For registration issues, please contact Shelly Levhar, Head of the Welfare department.

The Steering Committee can be contacted with any issue that has not been addressed by qualified professionals and administrative bodies, including special requests regarding kindergarten registration and admission, pedagogical matters, recommendations to improve the centers’ operations, or dissatisfaction with its operations.

Committee Chairman
Dr. Ruth Shouval
Scientific Representatives
Dr. David Zeevi
Dr. Hillel Aharoni
Dr. Meital Oren
Student Representatives
Renana Hajbi
Technical Administrative Sector Representatives
Moran Sandel, CPA
Anat Rofe, Adv.
Shelly Levhar
WIZO representatives
Rachel Bicheler – WIZO Daycare Center Supervisor
Nurit Rosman – Director, Anikster Preschool
Anat Naor – Director, Siem Kindergarten

Info for Parents

The educational staff consists of close to 45 kindergarten teachers, caregivers and young women in national service, all of whom are highly trained and skilled professionals. The ratio of caregivers to children is exceedingly higher than the standardized ratio in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Labor and Education. As such, we provide a high-quality educational environment that strives to address the needs of each and every child, in a warm and family-friendly atmosphere that encourages both development and learning. Each daycare center has a kitchen and a cook that is responsible for providing a variety of fresh and nutritious meals, in collaboration with a certified nutritionist.