Silva Anixter Family Aftercare Program

For children ages 4-8, pre-compulsory kindergarten classes up to and including Grade 2

Talia Ben Binyamin

Opening Hours
From the end of the school day until 17:00. On vacation days by the Ministry of Education, from 8:00 to 17:00
Weizmann institute

Info for Parents

The educational staff consists of close to 45 kindergarten teachers, caregivers and young women in national service, all of whom are highly trained and skilled professionals. The ratio of caregivers to children is exceedingly higher than the standardized ratio in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Labor and Education. As such, we provide a high-quality educational environment that strives to address the needs of each and every child, in a warm and family-friendly atmosphere that encourages both development and learning. Each daycare center has a kitchen and a cook that is responsible for providing a variety of fresh and nutritious meals, in collaboration with a certified nutritionist.