Selected Publications


Bispecific dendritic-T cell engager potentiates anti-tumor immunity

Shapir Itai Y., Barboy O., Salomon R., Bercovich A., Xie K., Winter E., Shami T., Porat Z., Erez N., Tanay A., Amit I. & Dahan R. (2024) Cell. Abstract


Fc glycoengineering of a PD-L1 antibody harnesses Fcγ receptors for increased antitumor efficacy

Cohen Saban N., Yalin A., Landsberger T., Salomon R., Alva A., Feferman T., Amit I. & Dahan R. (2023) Science immunology. Abstract


Bispecific antibodies increase the therapeutic window of CD40 agonists through selective dendritic cell targeting

Salomon R., Rotem H., Katzenelenbogen Y., Weiner A., Cohen Saban N., Feferman T., Amit I. & Dahan R. (2022) Nature Cancer. Abstract

Next Generation CD40 Agonistic Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy

Salomon R. & Dahan R. (2022) Frontiers in Immunology. Abstract


Anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies elicited by COVID-19mRNA vaccine exhibit a unique glycosylation pattern

Farkash I., Feferman T., Cohen-Saban N., Avraham Y., Morgenstern D., Mayuni G., Barth N., Lustig Y., Miller L., Shouval D. S., Biber A., Kirgner I., Levin Y. & Dahan R. (2021) Cell reports (Cambridge). Abstract


Single-cell genomic approaches for developing the next generation of immunotherapies

Yofe I., Dahan R. & Amit I. (2020) Nature Medicine. Abstract


Toxicity of an Fc-engineered anti-CD40 antibody is abrogated by intratumoral injection and results in durable antitumor immunity

Knorr D. A., Dahan R. & Ravetch J. (2018) Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America-Physical Sciences. Abstract


Signaling by Antibodies: Recent Progress

Bournazos S., Wang T. T., Dahan R., Maamary J. & Ravetch J. V. (2017) ANNUAL REVIEW OF IMMUNOLOGY.


Therapeutic Activity of Agonistic, Human Anti-CD40 Monoclonal Antibodies Requires Selective Fc gamma R Engagement

Dahan R., Barnhart B. C., Li F., Yamniuk A. P., Korman A. J. & Ravetch J. V. (2016) Cancer Cell.