The ability of antibodies to detect pathogens and malignant cells, and trigger diverse immune effector functions make them central players in the immune response. Monoclonal antibodies have turned into a powerful drug platform at the front of cancer immunotherapy approaches. Our group studies the mechanisms that control the activity of both natural and therapeutic antibodies.

We are particularly interested in the roles of the Fc regions of these antibodies and in their various Fcγ Receptors (FcγRs) in mediating antibody effector functions, with a focus on the involvement of FcγR-antibody interactions in immune responses to malignancies. We aim to develop novel translational strategies that will improve immunity against cancer, and to optimize the potency of currently available antibody-based immunotherapies.

We are recruiting scientists at all career stages. We are looking for enthusiastic and talented students and post docs with a desire for conducting cutting-edge basic and translational research in cancer immunology.
To apply please contact rony.dahan@weizmann.ac.il