BeST (Between Science and Technology) Seminar: promoting science and technology via interface of disciplinesbest seminar

The BeST (Between Science and Technology) seminar is held by the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Signal Processing, with the aim of promoting inter-disciplinary research and collaboration within the Weizmann Institute of Science.

We believe that the most exciting research can happen at the interface of disciplines: by integrating concepts and tools from various disciplines to solve problems not immediately solvable by one specific discipline alone.

The BeST seminar takes place on a monthly basis, with each meeting including two speakers who each present either a challenge or a solution; A challenge is a scientific problem that requires incorporation of knowledge which is not readily available in the immediate academic vicinity but may very well be among the expertise in a remote discipline. A solution is a tool, model, or technology that may serve users in remote disciplines.


The agenda for the fall semester.

The agenda for the spring semester.

Contact details

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Seminar Organizers


Prof. Yonina Eldar

Head of SAMPL lab
Head of Biomedical Engineering and Signal Processing Center

Prof. Avraham A. Levy

Prof. Avraham A. Levy

Dean, Faculty of Biochemistry
Weizmann Institute of Science

Prof. Haim Beidenkopf

Prof. Haim Beidenkopf

Principal Investigator
Weizmann Institute Atomic Scale Physics Lab