SAMPL Technologies is the arm of SAMPL Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science responsible for collaboration with the industry sector. The technologies we use in our modern world – computers, radios, video, cell phones, medical and defense systems – are all enabled by signal processing.

Over the coming decade, as countless additional tasks and functions are replaced by smart and automated systems and tools, complex new challenges in the signal processing and learning domain will need to be addressed. Next-generation systems will need to become faster, more efficient, less costly and of higher quality.

Using SAMPL lab advanced signal acquisition, processing and learning methods, we collaborate with our industry partners to develop and improve next-generation technologies, such as more efficient communication systems, high-resolution radar, joint radar and communication systems for automotive and IoT applications, high resolution imaging devices, efficient medical imaging and more.

We specialize in transforming theoretical science into prototypes, using our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting age equipment including ultrasound machines, high speed waveform generators and phased array antennas. Our prototypes are presented worldwide at conferences and exhibitions such as ICASSP, RadarConf, etc.

Our major areas of research currently include

  •  MIMO communication & radar systems
  •  Innovative analog-to-digital converter design
  •  Radar & sensors for health applications
  •  AI and machine learning for COVID19 detection & monitoring
  •  Super resolution optical imaging
  •  Joint radar-communication platforms
  •  Dynamic metasurface antennas
  •  Model-based machine learning
  •  Low-bit quantization methods
  •  Smart antennas design for ultrasound, radar & communication
  •  Machine learning for wireless communications
  •  Super resolution & efficient radar systems

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