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Moshe Namer

Hardware Engineer

Graduate Students

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Peter Bryan

"Applications of Compressed Sensing to Imaging Transcriptomics Techniques"


Visiting Students

Yuchen Zhang

Covert Communications

Former Students

Former Post Docs

  • Sian Jin

    Joint radar communication and learning (Jointly with Prof. Andrea Goldsmith)

  • Former Research Affiliates

  • Former Students

  • Oz Frank (M.Sc. 2022)

    "Integrating domain knowledge into deep networks for lung ultrasound with applications to COVID-19"‏


  • Avner Shultzman (M.Sc. 2022)

    "Leveraging Deep-learning Concepts for Solving Waveform Inversion and Linear Inverse Problems"

    Algoritm developer at Mobileye's CTO office.

  • Alon Mamistvalov (M.Sc. 2022)

    "Low rate ultrasound beamforming via advanced signal processing and deep learning"

    currently at the Army.

  • Jacob Pritzker (M.Sc. 2022)

    "Joint Radar Communication Systems"

  • Sivan Grotas (Ph.D. 2020)

     "Signal Processing in Ultrasound"

  • Regev Cohen (Ph.D. 2019)

    "Sub-Nyquist Blood Doppler Ultrasound"

    Currently working as Research Scientist at Verily.

  • Tanya Chernyakova (Ph.D. 2018)

    "Low-Rate Generalized Beamforming for Medical Ultrasound"

    Currently Algorithm Developer at Vayyar Imaging Ltd.

  • Oren Solomon (Ph.D. 2018)

    "Fast Super-resolution Imaging in Optics and Ultrasound: From Sparsity to Deep Learning"

    Currently a postdoc at the center for magnetic resonance research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

  • Shahar Tsiper (M.Sc. 2018)

    "Pseudo-Polar based CT Reconstruction "

    Currently an Applied Scientist at Amazon AI

  • David Cohen

    Currently an algorithm engineer at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

    "Sub Nyquist MIMO Radar"


  • Gal Mazor (M.Sc. 2018)

    "Sub-Nyquist Quantitative Estimation of Magnetic Resonance Parameters"

    Currently Technical leader of radar algorithms in a defense company.

  • Shahar Stein Ioushua (M.Sc. 2018)

    "Signal Processing Challenges in Massive MIMO Systems"

    Currently Ph.D. student under the supervision of Ofer Shayevits in Tel-Aviv University.

  • Deborah Cohen (Ph.D. 2016)

    "Cyclostationary Feature Detection from Compressed Samples"

    Currently Research Scientist, Google.

  • Noam Wagner (M.Sc. 2012) (co-supervisor: Prof. Arie Feuer)

    "Application of Xampling in Ultrasound Imaging"

    Currently Senior Algorithm Developer, Vayyar Imaging Ltd.

  • Orr Srour (M.Sc. 2012)

    "Metabolic Flux Analysis"

    Currently Real Time and Embedded System Engineer.

  • Ronen Tur (M.Sc. 2011)

    "Innovation Rate Sampling of Pulse Streams with Applications in Ultrasound Imaging"

    Currently Algorithms Group Leader, Vayyar Ltd.

  • Zvika Ben-Haim (Ph.D. 2011)

    "Bias-indifferent lower bounds on estimation error"

    Currently Software Engineer, Google.

  • Gideon Nave (M.Sc. 2010)

    "Real Time Change Detection of Steady-state Evoked Potentials"

    Currently Assistant Professor, Marketing Department, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Sivan Harary (M.Sc. 2010)

    Currently Image Processing Researcher, IBM.

    "Blind Compressed Sensing"

  • Raja Giryes (M.Sc. 2009)

    Currently Assistant Professor, Department of EE – Systems at Tel Aviv University.

    "Sparsity Models for Signals: Theory and Applications"

  • Jacob (Slava) Chernoi (M.Sc. 2009)

    "The Chebyshev Center and Iterative MMSE: Dominating Least-Squares Estimation"

    Currently Chief Scientist, Track160 Ltd.

  • Tsvi Dvorkind (Ph.D. 2007)

    "Generalized Sampling in the Presence of Nonlinearities: Theory and Methods"

    Currently Signal Processing Specialist, IDF.

  • Ami Wiesel (Ph.D. 2007)

    "Convex Optimization Methods in MIMO Communication Systems"

    Currently Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering at The Hebrew University.

  • Zvika Ben-Haim (M.Sc. 2006)

    "Blind Minimax and Maximum Set Estimators: Improving on Least-squares Estimation"

    Currently Software Engineer, Google.

  • Nagesh Koundinya (M.Sc. 2005) (co-supervisor: Prof. Yehoshua Zeevi)

    "Efficient Gabor Representations in Combined Time-frequency Spaces"

  • Evgeny Margolis (M.Sc. 2004)

    "Reconstruction of Periodic Bandlimited Signals from Nonuniform Samples"

    Currently Security Architect, Google.

  • Former Visiting Students

  • Zhang Xiangyu

  • Nishith Chennakeshava

  • Mark Legters

  • Neha Jain

  • Gosha Tsintsadze

  • Alejandro Cohen

  • Zhan Zhang

  • Girish Varma

  • Zhuoyang Liu