SAMPL 2015 Workshop

SAMPL2015 Workshop presented the latest innovations in the field of signal processing and sub-Nyquist sampling and its applications in diverse areas, such as communications, radar, medical imaging, and optics. The workshop included theoretical lectures and live demonstrations based on the theories presented. Additionally, prizes to outstanding students were presented. The workshop attracted many people from across the country from both academia and industry.


Posters Session

Coded Excitation in Medical Ultrasound
Distributed Cooperative Spectrum Sensing From Sub-Nyquist Samples For Cognitive Radios
Spectrum Sensing for Sub-Nyquist Cognitive Radio Using Cyclostationary Features
Frequency Domain Beamforming for Coherent Plane-Wave Compounding
Increased sampling capacity in optical communication
Super-Resolution in Microchip Images by Dictionary Learning
Exploiting FRI Structure for Sub-Nyquist Sampling and Processing in Medical Ultrasound
A Wireless Ultrasound Imaging System Utilizing Xampling and Frequency Domain Beamforming
Low Dose CT by Exploiting Sparsity
Silent MRI with constant magnetic gradients
Speedup and SNR Improvement of MRI with CS


Congratulations to our undergraduate students who won the 2015 SAMPL lab excellence prize for their project held in SAMPL Lab

Matan Kariv and Adi Cohen

"Silent MRI with Steady Gradients"

Almog Lahav and Yuval Ben-Shalom

"Coded Excitation Approach to Medical Ultrasound"

Or Yair and Shahar Stein-Joshua

"Joint Spectrum Blind Reconstruction and Direction-of-Arrival Estimation from Sub-Nyquist Samples"