Eran Ofek's Group


Eran Ofek, Group head


Nora-Lynn Strotjohann, Postdoc

Supernovae and transients. Type IIn supernovae and precursors.

David Polishook, Staff Scientist (Physics Core Facilities)

Optical observatory director. Working on LAST and W-FAST. Interested in asteroids characterization.

  Alexander Krassilchtchikov, researcher/consultant. Working on the LAST and ULTRASAT pipelines.

Noam Segev, M.Sc. student

Developing techniques for high-precision astrometry, and using them for microlensing and Solar System research.


Simone Garrappa, a postdoc.

Developing high accuracy photometric calibration process, and working on lensed quasars time delays.


Kris Rybicki, a postdoc.

Working on microlensing and Spitzer.


Ruslan Konno, a postdoc.

Leading the LAST gravitational waves efforts.

  Sarah Spitzer, a postdoc.
  Arie Blumenzweig, a programmer.

Alex Bichkovsky, Mechanical Engineer


  Gleb Mikhnevich, Mechanical Engineer
  Michael Engel, consultant

Previous members

  • Maayane Soumagnac, was a postdoc in my group and currently a faculty in Bar-Ilan University. Working on supernova Shock cooling, Type IIn supernova, and X-ray transients.
  • Noam Ganot, was a former PhD student in Avishay Gal-Yam's group that was working with me on the GALEX-PTF experiment and supernovae shock cooling.
  • Guy Nir is a former PhD student in my group, working mainly on the development of the W-FAST telescope, the search for Kuiper belt objects via occultations, and the development of algorithms. Currently a postdoc in Berkley.
  • Ofer Springer, was a PhD student in my group, working on astronomical algorithms. In his PhD he developed methods for study gravitational lensing. He applied machine leaning for weak gravitational lensing inference in order to decrease the noise due to the large variance in galaxies shape. He also developed new methods for discovery of lensed quasars and measuring their time delays. These methods may have some application also for AGN reverberation mapping.
  • Betina Reyna, was a MSc student in my group.
  • Barak Zackay, was a PhD student in my group on astronomical techniques. During his PhD he developed several methods including the proper image subtraction (Zackay, Ofek, Gal-Yam 2016), proper image coaddition (Ofek & Zackay 2017a,2017b), Fast Dispersion Measure Transform (Zackay & Ofek 2017c), we built a prototype of an optical multiplexer device (Ben-Ami et al. 2014), and developed new techniques including fast solver for phase retrival, and the pruning method. Barak was a postodoc fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton) and he is now a faculty in the Particle physics and astrophysics department in Weizmann.
  • Nora Linn Strotjohann, was a long-term visiting PhD student in my group (from DESY, Germany). She conducted the first search for precursor events among Type IIb supernovae (Strotjohann et al. 2015), and worked on the analysis of the GALEX-PTF supernova sample.
  • Evgeny Gorbikov, was a postdoc in my group working on Type Ibn supernovae.
  • Yifat Dezigan, was a postdoc in my group working on astrometry.
  • Ilia Labzovsky, did a MSc in my group on the supernova environment and host galaxies.