The Large Array Survey Telescope (LAST)

The Large Array Survey Telescope (LAST) is an under-construction cost-effective survey telescope. The project is led by Eran Ofek and Sagi Ben-Ami.

The first LAST node will be composed of 48 28-cm telescopes with wide-field of view. A LAST node is comparable to either a 28-cm telescope with 355 deg2 field of view, or a 1.9-m telescope with 7.4 deg2. The 5-sigma Bp limiting magnitude for a single telescope is 19.4 (21.0), in a 15s (20x15s) exposure. LAST will conduct a fast cadence survey of the sky.

The technological rational for LAST is discussed in Ofek & Ben-Amin (2020), while in Ben-Ami et al. (in prep.) we discuss its science goals.

The Andromeda galaxy (M31) as imaged by the LAST prototype telescope.
15s integration image of NGC253 (left) and NGC 628 (right), as obtained by the LAST prototype.
The grasp (observed volume per unit time) of various ksy surveys, including LAST.